*** The Meet the Spirit series introduces us to a spirit entity each week.  These spirit entities bring forth a message for the audience.  If you would like to get to know your personal spirit guides, please check up my spirit guide reading available through Etsy***

A lovely lady walks through the door wearing a large ballgown from the 1800s which is mostly white but has black around the edges, going up about a foot from the bottom of the dress.  She is Caucasian with dark brown hair in an updo like two french braids joined together in a bun.  The dress has a depth to it, like there are poofs all over it, little swirls.  It almost looks like it is made out of icing.

She gives her name as Clarabelle and does a short curtsy as an introduction.  It feels like she is out of the southern states in America, maybe around the civil war era.  This all feels like it is from the antebellum period in America.

I ask what message she has for us today.  She takes me to a ballroom that is just a black screen, like a holodeck from star trek.  It feels like there is depth to the space, but everywhere is just pitch black.  We go to the middle and she does a small curtsey, I curtsey back.  She then takes a map and crumbles it up then takes the map and throws it over her shoulder.  The map looked worn and aged, like something that has been used for years to find the way to a treasure or prize.

She says “Do not try to follow the old map, what other people say is ‘the way’.  This is a new era we are living in, where the possibility of more light than dark is inevitable.  For this to be true you need to follow what is inside you, not outside you. You need to follow the map that your heart knows.”

I say thank you to her and she walks confidently away, out through a door, an opening of light, in the back of the room.

Wow, what a powerful message she has for us today.  It is so easy to just follow what the gurus have told us in the past is “the way” or what society tells us is “right”.  But now is a time to follow not what is outside you, but what is within, what your heart tells you is the way.

Thank you Clarabelle for your message to us today.  May blessings be upon you.

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