We haven’t done a psychic exercise in a while, so I thought now would be a perfect time.  In psychic development books, most of the exercises that are described require you to have a partner to work with.  Realistically, not many people have willing partners to do exercises to strengthen their psychic senses – especially not every day.  If you do – lucky you!!!

So, I devised this exercise specifically for people like me.  People who like to strengthen their psychic muscles, but don’t have someone to practice on every day – or at the correct time of day.  There are not many people I can call up at 2pm on a Tuesday and ask if they want to come over and work on their intuitive skills!

This exercise is relatively simple and does not require much work.  All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and a bowl.  If you are fancy you could also have a pair of scissors on hand.

Here is what you do –

On the piece of paper write down names of people and acquaintances you know.

You will have to check your own personal ethics here on which names to use.  If you don’t feel comfortable psychically peaking on someone who doesn’t know you are doing so – don’t write their name down.  

The goal is to write down a bunch of different names of people from various aspects of your life.  These can include your family members, friends, your family member’s friends, neighbors, distant relatives, people you see at the grocery store, even celebrities if you are into that sort of thing.

Once you have a good number of people written down.  Take your paper and rip each name off individually.  Or – if you have those scissors on hand – you can cut each name off into its own individual strip.

I like to then fold the pieces of paper so I can’t cheat and see what names are written on them.

Put the folded pieces of paper in a bowl – or a vase – or a hat – or whatever container you have on hand.

Now, each day after you do a little meditation and get yourself in the psychic groove, put your hand in the bowl and pull out one name.  Keep the paper closed and don’t look at that name.  Instead, just write down or pay attention to whatever comes to you about that name.  Do you see any pictures associated with the name?  Do you see any colors?  Do you feel any emotions?  Do you hear a song or any words?  Whatever it is, no matter how minuscule, write it down.

Now, look at the piece of paper and see what name you picked out of the bowl. Then look at your list – what words make sense and what don’t?  If you do this regularly you might start seeing patterns in your symbols.  You can also use this to help you learn when you are focusing too much on your imagination instead of your intuition.

Personally, I used this method when I was developing my psychic abilities.  This is also one of the methods I used to start to develop my own symbol dictionary.  I soon learned that when I saw a tree, it meant the name in my hand was a family member.  When I saw a toy train it is a young boy.  When I saw a doll, it was a young girl.

Try this exercise for at least a week and see what you get!

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