*** The Meet the Spirit series introduces us to a spirit entity each week.  These spirit entities bring forth a message for the audience.  If you would like to get to know your personal spirit guides, please check up my spirit guide reading available through Etsy***

A woman comes forward with black curly hair that puffs out a little on the sides and goes to about her shoulders.  She is wearing an eye patch over her left eye, signaling that she is a pirate.  Around her head, she has the stereotypical red bandana tied.  She is also wearing a white blouse-type pirate shirt with a dark brown vest.  Interestingly, her face also has some stubble on it, like she likes the idea of a pirate being masculine and feminine at the same time.

The bottom half of her body takes a different turn.  It is a mesh of black and purple stripes of energy that fall out of her body and form a sort of ocean below her.  She feels like she has a great deal of power – the type of power that comes from confidence and force.  Like she can control the storm clouds brewing behind her.

She says that her name is Amber – like the resin.  That I should look up the properties of that element.  So, according to a crystal website, Amber is known as a great stone of protection and balancing of emotions.  This is a perfect name to use for the message she brings forward.

Behind her on a stormy ocean is a brown ship – like the kind you would imagine from a pirate movie.  This ship is being tossed and turned on the waves.  This is where her message comes from.

She relates that you are part of the energy that controls these emotional waters – water and its state is symbolic of emotions.  This is actually a two-part message – looking at it microscopically and macroscopically.

First, she states that your energy actually controls the emotional situations you find yourself in – you are not just a sailor on the ship trying to make sure it stays afloat, but you are actually part of the water and the energy that drives the water to batter itself against the ship.  You control the water just as you control the vehicle of the ship.

Looking at this from a broader perspective, collectively, our energy and emotions, our turbulent emotional waters, is what is fueling the hurricanes and storms that we are collectively experiencing.  Our emotions, and those of the individuals we are physically close to, put out energy into the atmosphere that provides the weather conditions.

Personally, I first heard of this concept in a book by the entity Seth.  That human energy is what makes the weather how it is.  I didn’t totally believe this, but if you look at the pattern of weather and natural disasters, you can see that they seem to spring up soon after a collective energetic outpouring by individuals in a specific location.

This is the message that Amber brings us.  We have control over the energy we put out into the world.  We have control over our emotions and what storms those emotions bring.  This does not mean to stifle your emotions, just be aware of using them in the proper context.

Thank you, Amber, for this beautiful message.  May blessings be upon you.

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