The guides want me to continue with the weekly energetic reading this month.  And, because I also follow these forecast in my life as well, I found that it would be helpful to get specific on which dates are associated with which weeks, so I have included those as well. For a more personal reading, check out my Etsy Store.

Week 1 – November 1 – 7

This week brings us right in front of a display case in a cute little bakery that is loaded down with cupcakes.  There are a lot of choices in front of you. They all look delicious.  Which one are you going to pick?  Are you going to overindulge and get a half a dozen cupcakes meaning to share but then eat them all yourself?  Are you going to stick with one delicious treat?

This week you will find yourself with a lot of great possibilities in front of you.  Think about which one you choose carefully.  If you choose too many you may find yourself with a tummy ache later on.  Maybe you can share with your friends?

Week 2 – November 8 – 14

This week the proverbial Newtonian apple falls off of a tree right next to us.  This apple is ready to show us how gravity works if we are paying attention.  New ideas and concepts can come at you seemingly out of thin air.  Pay attention to those little nudges you get this week.

Additionally, this symbolism for me means that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.  This week you may find yourself acting like one of your relatives – for better or for worse.  Look at those traits that annoy you in your family members and see if (and how) you are expressing them as well. It is reality check time!

Week 3 – November 15 – 21

This week we are bombarded with rapid gunfire.  It feels like one hit after the next.  Try to stay on your feet and dodge what is coming towards you.  Yeah, so this week may suck for you. But use this reading as some advice to get the work or items on your to-do list checked off early in the month so that you can handle what is thrown at you this week.

Week 4 – November 22 – 30

This week we catch ourselves munching on that apple that fell off the tree in week two.   For those of you in the United States, this week marks Thanksgiving, where traditionally you gather with family and friends.  This week is a reminder of how similar you are to your relatives – you are eating that apple – watch how you react in the same manner as those you are related to.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing – depending on your relatives.  The idea this week is to be aware of how you are acting and whether you like how you are behaving.

Additionally, any good idea you had that fell out of that apple tree may start manifesting this week.  This is the time to really get into the task of making it come to fruition.  Use your free time this week to get working on this project!

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