After This: When Life is Over, Where Do We Go? by Claire Bidwell Smith shows one woman’s journey to discover what happens after we die.  She does this through immersing herself in various methods of after death communication, including mediumship, shamanism, and past life regressions.

As a skeptic, Claire has a difficult time at first fully releasing to the experiences and letting herself go in the different methods.  But then, about halfway through the book, after a particularly poignant shamanism adventure, she starts letting herself go and really getting into each experience.

As a spirit medium, I read this book with interest.  I have a deep understanding and sense of warmth and comfort about what happens after we die, and sometimes it is difficult for me to imagine the grief and heartache that accompanies not knowing what happens.  This is a good reminder of the power of grief and how it can shape the lives of those left behind.

I would recommend this book for those skeptics out there who have a difficult time truly believing in life after death.  Claire herself is a grief counselor so she understands the impact that death has on individuals in all stages of their lives.

This book is more sentimental and mushy than some of the more scientific books on the same topic, and as such it is easier to read and really immerse yourself in.  And I dare you not to well up with tears during some emotional scenes in the book.  If you get into it, it is a quick read.  I listened to it in audio format and it is just about seven hours.

So, if you want to know one woman’s experience with trying to find out what happens after death, and maybe perhaps you are a suburban upper-class housewife with children, particularly girls (she writes her girls notes in case she dies – which gets a little too mushy at times), then I think you will really enjoy this book!

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