Happy Samhain to those witches out there!!!  Happy Halloween to the mundanes!

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, I decided to do a special witchy theme post for you all!  I hope you enjoy it!

You will find a lot of articles on the web discussing what makes a person a witch.  I have even written what I see as my definition of what/who a witch is, but with Halloween upon us, I thought we could have a little fun and look at how to spot a witch if you are out and about.

I have been thinking a lot about the stereotypes of a witch – you know, the green face and the pointy hat and the black dress.  I have a young daughter and media and books have definitely brainwashed her that witches are evil and have green skin (I’m working on correcting this).

So, this got me thinking – what other physical characteristics have been traditionally thought of as pertaining to a witch?  After some quick googling, I came up with three.

And yes – this is a silly light-hearted post – please don’t take me seriously here.

The physical characteristics of a witch

Moles on the face

Witches tend to have moles, particularly on their face.  Some witches have large moles on their nose, while others are more prominent on their chins.  But, wherever they are located on the face, these warts are a sign that you may be in the presence of a witch.


Witches also tend to have a birthmark somewhere on their body.  These are easier for them to hide and so may be more difficult for you to spot.  These birthmarks are usually reddish in color and may form patterns that have some sinister quality

A third nipple

Everyone knows that witches have an extra nipple.  This nipple has traditionally been used to feed their familiar – an animal that would assist in spell work and engaging in evil acts.  These animals are usually cats, but can also be ravens or crows, and any other despicable animal.

So, are you a witch?  Do you have any or all of these physical signs?  What physical signs do you use to spot a witch?


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