Between Two Worlds: Lessons From the Other Side by Tyler Henry is this week’s current read.  This is actually the second time I have read this book.  I originally purchased this book when it was released back in August of 2017.  I still remembered a few snippets of the book, but I thought I had grown enough in the past year or so that another reading may be beneficial.

This book is written by Tyler Henry, a medium who is best known for his tv series where he reads the energy of famous (or semi-famous) Hollywood stars. I am not big into celebrity gossip, so I do not watch the shows to learn deep dark secrets about celebrities – most of whom I have no idea who they are. Instead, I enjoy watching the show as an example of a great medium at work.  Unlike some other shows featuring mediums which are popular, Tyler shows how proper mediumship is accomplished ethically.

This book is an explanation of how he got into the world of mediumship, what has happened since he has been in this work, and what he has learned from his interactions with spirits…so far. Tyler is in his early twenties, so this work can only be so complete in terms of biographies.

But what this book does show is how an individual can properly work on developing their mediumship skills over time.  Tyler repeatedly explains that this is a skill that he needed to develop and learn over a series of thousands of readings.  Although he had experiences with spirits from an early age, the ability to communicate effectively came with experience and practice.

I also love the insight Tyler gives into the spirit world.  I must have glossed over some of the gems with my first reading, but since that time I have delved head first into the world of mediumship myself and I found myself nodding along, agreeing with most of what he said.  A big stickler for me which I wasn’t really aware of when I started my work learning to be a spirit medium is that not all deceased loved ones communicate the same way.  Let me just say, it is much easier and clearer to communicate with a spirit guide as opposed to a dead relative that prefers to give emotional and energetic impressions instead of clairvoyant images.

Overall, even though Tyler wrote this book at only twenty years old, this is a great book for individuals to learn about what mediumship is and what it isn’t.  Tyler comes at the field with a great energy of love and compassion which translates beautifully through his written words (and on screen).  I am a big proponent of the power of love and Tyler falls right into that category of individuals working to spread love wherever they go.  His energy feels like a young James Van Praagh.

If you are interested in listening to Tyler speak these words himself, he narrates the audio version which I found available through my local library but which is also available through audible.  This is a pretty quick read, whether through audio or through the written word, but it is a great work nonetheless.

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