We have a guide coming forward on a black Harley-Davidson (yes, the type is important for this guide) motorcycle.  He is wearing a black helmet, but his face is fully visible.  He has on aviator sunglasses, has a brown mustache, and has a cigarette/cigar…cigar hanging out of his mouth.

This guide has on jeans, an orange shirt, and a black leather vest.  He seems at once cool and like a badass, and also a little dorky…he didn’t like being called dorky…he revved his engine at me with that statement, but in a playful way.

He says we can call him Anthony.

I ask what message he has for us.  He takes off on his bike and starts making track marks on the cement.  He is forming the infinity sign with the movement and tire marks of his bike.

His message is one of a cycle, that life is a never-ending cycle…ah, just got that…that is why he is on a motor-“cycle”.  We shouldn’t judge based on who we are right now.  Maybe we come from a place of privilege, but that is just the cycle we chose for this incarnation.  In previous incarnations, we may have been a poor child on the streets of Calcutta or a rich merchant sailing from Africa.

Each cycle we choose a different incarnation – a different body for our soul to fit into – to learn different lessons.  This is a never-ending cycle – an infinity cycle – that keeps going on and on until we learn all the lessons that we have set out to accomplish.

So, just as I shouldn’t judge Anthony for being a little dorky, we shouldn’t judge another person for the position they find themselves in.  This means not judging the drug addict because we have been an addict in a previous life.  This means not judging the rich socialite because we have been wealthy in a previous life.  This means not judging the criminal because we have been a criminal in a previous life.

I asked Anthony if there is anything else he wanted to tell me.  He threw his cigar on the ground, stomped on it with his foot, and then took his motorcycle off into the distance.

As a side note, I feel like this guide may have an energetic imprint similar to St. Anthony, although I do not know much about this saint. It feels like he is coming through as a gruff man riding a motorcycle, smoking a cigar, to get his point across about not judging others.  That gruff man on a motorcycle may be the same soul as St. Anthony.

Thank you, Anthony, for this beautiful message.  May blessings come your way.

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