Recently I completed training in spirit mediumship, the ability to connect with our loved ones who have crossed over – aka, I’m learning how to talk to your dead aunt Edna.  I’m not a big fan of certifications or the idea that you need a certain training or degree to practice in this kind of work – really, I believe experience is the most important thing.

But, trainings also do help when you want to grow a skill set, and I was looking to grow my mediumship.  In some ways I have been practicing mediumship for years, talking and channeling spirit guides is basically the same as mediumship.  In other ways, I still have a lot to learn about how our deceased relatives come through when they are wanting to deliver a message from beyond the grave.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have started asking for volunteers to let me practice my mediumship skills on.  Basically, I wanted to know if this is something I can do remotely like I do most of my readings.

I’ve learned a lot so far in the readings I have completed.  Some went extremely well, and others, not so much.  But, I have learned a great deal in the process and I am extremely grateful for my volunteers.

I did want to share a few things I’ve learned about mediumship and communicating with spirits, little quirks about this work that I was not fully aware of before embarking on this journey.

Not all Spirits are adept at communication 

This is perhaps the most surprising thing I have come across so far in communicating with spirits.  Mediums really do need to develop all their “clairs” as some spirits come through with just emotions while others are more visual.

I am a highly clairvoyant individual, so those spirits who can give me images of what they looked like made me feel like I had a stronger and deeper connection.  Those spirits who just came through with emotions and feelings, I “felt” like I could have missed them easily or dismissed them as just an impression of my own feelings.

Some spirits were also great at giving me names.  I got a few names straight on – especially one puppy who made me think she was human…  At other times, the names that I brought through were totally random.  I feel like maybe the spirit was trying to convey a message that I just didn’t realize or pick up on.  Again, each spirit is unique in their communication – both how and how well they can do so.

Spirits don’t always like to take turns

One very frustrating aspect of spirit communication for me is that sometimes spirits came in together or on top of each other and I had a difficult time discerning who was who or even that they were multiple spirits.   It was like a free for all as spirits “talked” over each other each giving me their own impressions.

This is also a case of me being a newbie in this arena.  I had to learn during this process how to ask my guide to slow them down or line them up so that they just came through one at a time.  I will admit, sometimes I even forgot to ask my guide to do this as I would be caught up in the moment and forget the finer details.

This is where practice definitely helps!

Communicating with spirits is similar to spirit guides, but spirit guides are easier 

I originally started pursuing mediumship training because I would have spirits of deceased loved ones come through when I was doing my “Messages from your Spirit Guides” readings.  I wouldn’t necessarily realize this was the case until a client would respond that the information fit up perfectly with a deceased relative.

So, basically, I took mediumship training to figure out how to tell when I was communicating with a spirit guide and when I was communicating with your dead Aunt Edna (one of these days I am going to talk to a dead Aunt Edna and I am going to think it is a joke…).

And do you want to know what I learned – spirit guides are sooooooooooo much easier to communicate with.  They are adept at communicating through a medium.  I get clear impressions almost every time.  Yes, some come through more as a feeling or energy, but that feeling is distinct and easy to pick up.

Spirit guides are also great at just coming through one at a time.  In my Spirit Guide Readings, I ask for three guides to come through.  These guide generally come through one at a time, and are even courteous when doing so.

Basically, spirit guides seem to have advanced training in communicating with our lower earthly vibrations and our deceased loved ones may not be as adept.  Some are great – I’ve had a few spirits that came through with specific details just as a guide would – but this is not always the case.

Not all information clicks

One thing that really surprised me is that even when I was communicating with a really strong spirit, not all the information they brought through was 100% correct or clicked with the individual.  Some information just seemed random.

Some of this information could be symbolic.  I still haven’t figured out when a spirit is being symbolic versus literal – but after I got several red cars come up, I’m pretty sure that is symbolic of something, I’m just not exactly sure what – this is where a lot of practice and time in this field helps.

I have some other theories about this as well.  Perhaps this is energetic “gunk” floating through the atmosphere that I picked up on.  Perhaps this is information that the individual just doesn’t understand now but will in the future.  Perhaps I just misinterpreted information.  I don’t know for sure – but these are all options.

I am amazed at the work of certain mediums out there, others are more “meh”

Doing this work also gave me a new perspective of the other mediums out there actively working. I know now what it takes to do this work and can tell if someone is genuinely picking up on information or not.  Saying that your dead grandma loves you is pretty general.  Saying that your dead grandma used to wear purple high heels and go play cards each week – that is more specific information.

This work takes a lot of work and dedication. This isn’t something that you can just start doing on a whim.  Good mediums are developed over time and practice. When you run into a good medium, appreciate them and their skills.

What’s next?

So, am I going to continue this work of mediumship?  I don’t know.  This work is emotionally difficult as well.  People have intense feelings about relatives that have passed away.  I feel like I need a lot more training in grief work before I can practically work in this field.

I’m glad I have gone through this journey.  This has taught me that this is something I can pursue if I chose to.  This has taught me that these spirits do come through in my readings and they have messages they want to bring.

For now, I will continue with my practice.  Continue developing this skill like I do my other psychic abilities.  Maybe one day soon Aunt Edna will stop by and say “hi”!


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