I specialize in doing readings through email.  Right now, email is the only method of communication I offer for my clients.  I have been known to do a very occasional tarot party, but those are strictly for friends. In general, at this stage of my life, I prefer to communicate through email, so, I thought it was time to tell you why I prefer this method.

Writing is easier for me than speaking

For me personally, writing is much easier than the spoken word.  My Mercury is in Virgo, I’m pretty good at writing but I do not necessarily have the flair for in-person communication – I am just not a talker.  I don’t come up with great dramatic monologues like someone who has their Mercury in Leo and I do not talk a mile a minute like those with Mercury in Gemini.

I am also an INFJ in the Myers-Briggs world.  I remember taking the pencil and paper version of that test back in law school to tell me what type of law I should go into.  They should have just handed me the results and said – None.  Needless to say, I am a huge introvert and being around and talking to people is draining!

So, basically, I don’t like to talk, I like to write.  I am working on increasing my skill and confidence in the spoken word…but for now, you get email.

No prejudices if I can’t see you

I also like the anonymity that my clients have through email readings.  I don’t know what they look like.  I can’t profile them based on what they are wearing (or not wearing). It makes it easier for me as a psychic to not have to push my ego and judgments aside – because – other than your name and birthday, I have nothing to make judgments about.

Clients get full reading before responding

I have also found that it is beneficial for clients to receive the full reading all at once before they have the opportunity to respond.  They know everything I am going to say.  Perhaps at one point in the reading they don’t agree or don’t understand, they might find that a later portion of the reading will clear something up.  If you argued with me in the moment there is the possibility that we would not have gotten to that endpoint as the questions would have changed.

Having the full reading to digest at one time gives you the full picture all at once.  Plus, having it in writing means you can re-read it multiple times.  When I get readings for myself (something I do usually once a year as a birthday present to myself), I prefer email readings for just this point.  Years later I can look at that reading and remind myself of what it said.

Time commitments 

Personally, probably the biggest reason I only do email readings at this point in time is because of my other time commitments.  I’ve got a young daughter to care for.  That means that I do readings during school hours, after bedtime or in the early morning hours.  I work my work around her schedule.  Doing email readings means that I don’t have a specific schedule to stick to.  I can do readings when I have time to do readings – and that is truly a blessing for me right now.

Perhaps this will change as she gets older and I find myself with a few more free hours in the day.  But, usually, clients like to have readings at night after work hours or on the weekend.  These are times I like to be home with my family, and doing email readings permits this.

These are my reasons for loving doing strictly email readings.  This is a skill that I have developed over time and can now establish a strong connection with clients around the world.  What type of readings do you prefer to give or get?  Why is this?

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