Are you guys ready for December???  Well, it is coming whether you are ready or not – so here is your December 2018 forecast to get your ready.

General Energy

The general energy this month is that of waves coming up against the shore.  The waves aren’t crashing, but coming in gently, signaling a time of relative calmness.  This is a common symbol my guides send me to explain the idea of your practical reality interacting with your emotions or your spiritual life.

Water is a traditional symbol of both emotions and spirituality.  Here the water is coming towards the land, the shore, towards you.  These waves are not intense, but calm and almost relaxing.  This tells us that the general energy this month will highlight this intersection between our physical reality and our emotions.  This will not be a time of turmoil for us personally if we stay grounded in ourselves and just let the water rush over and around us.

Feel that water brushing over your feet.  Let it, let your emotions, relax you instead of making you tense.  Just like the wave, each emotion will eventually pass if you let it.  But if you build a mote in the sand and trap those feelings they will remain stuck and stagnant, just as you will have to stay and protect that mote.  Instead, let them come and go.  Just feel your feelings and then release them.


Okay, so this is probably the most disturbing symbolism and imagery that my guides have ever sent me.  They sent me the image of a person dressed in white bunny rabbit outfit pulling a noose and an individual dressed in a business suit and with a briefcase hanging from that noose.  I know, a little disturbing!!!

So it seems like work may feel a little strangling this month.  What you thought was good, or a person you thought was nice, a cute white bunny kind of person or situation, may come up and start to strangle you.  Ugh, no one needs that.

Let go of that briefcase and hang on for your life!  And keep an eye out for cute bunny type people!


Another not so great imagery, the energy around money this month is symbolized by a belt-tightening around a pile of cash.  I think that symbolism is pretty clear – hold on to that cash and try not to spend too much.

For those celebrating holidays this month, think about ways you can show someone you care without breaking the bank.  Do they really need the best present or would they be happy with a handmade card?  See if you can spend less money and, in the process, give more love.


The imagery the guides sent for our family situation this month is a night sky filled with stars.  This is my symbol for hope and possibilities.  Look at all those stars out there to wish on – to hope for.  Nothing is hopeless – there is always hope.

Your family member might not be the one that changes, but can you change?  This month includes many different holidays that usually involve family.  Even for those that love their family, this can be a difficult time.  But know, that no matter your situation, there is always hope out there for you.


Your love life this month is symbolized by one heart trying to fit itself into another heart.  Are you trying to be someone you are not just to get someone to like you?  Well, quit it!  Just be the fabulous heart shaped self you are.  Don’t try to fit into someone else’s standard of what a heart should look like.  If you want to jazz yourself up with jewels and feathers – go for it.  If you want to paint your heart brown and wear a frown – then you do you.  This month, try to be yourself – don’t change just to get others to love you.


Do you hear the drum beat in the distance, calling you home?  Do you hear that subtle call of a certain spiritual theme trying to make its way into your life?  Pay attention.  There is an aspect of your spirituality calling out to you – can you hear it?


The advice the guides brought through for us this month is in the form of a crocodile.  They want us to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity.  They want us to hide under the surface of the water and wait for just the right prey to come along before we snap our trap on it.  Be patient.  Don’t play your hand too soon.

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