Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham is this week’s book.  For those of you thinking that author’s name sounds familiar, this is the same Lauren Graham of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls fame.

This book follows Franny, a twenty-something woman living in New York City and trying to make it as an actor – with a three-year deadline.  This book profiles her relationships with her roommates, her doting father, and her quest to make it in a world where only 5% actually become successful.

This book is set in 1995 and that leads to some of the story elements – having to find a payphone, Franny’s Filofax (which is a planner for those of you who don’t know what a Filofax is – I admit I googled it), checking messages, and getting scripts over a fax machine.  The time is, in itself, part of the storyline.

Now, what did I think of this book…meh.  It was okay and overall a delightful read, but I ended up with a headache after reading it on two different days – it felt like there was a correlation between the two.  If you have watched Gilmore Girls and are familiar with the quirky comebacks and comedic style of Lauren Graham’s character Lorelai, then you basically have the character of Franny.

This book either shows that Lauren Graham has the same comedic style as Lorelai or that she wrote Franny as if Lorelai had her life as a struggling actor in the 90s.  Whatever the case, what this book feels like is a mashup between Lorelai Gilmore and Lauren Graham with some fictionalization thrown in.

So, from a psychic perspective, this book does show a good exercise in manifestation.  The character Franny regularly imagines herself as other people and what they would do in certain situations.  This is a great exercise for anyone that wants to become an actor – or wants to manifest something great in their life.  Seeing and feeling every detail of what the life you want to live is like will eventually, vibrationally, lead in the direction of that life as best it can develop in your vibrational field.

I also liked one specific point in the story where it was clear that Franny’s dead mother’s essence made an appearance – it doesn’t outright say this – just says that she “felt” the presence of her mother.  For us metaphysicians out there, that is mundane language for her mother’s spiritual essence was actually there.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a big fan of Gilmore Girls or who is an aspiring actor that is having trouble making it in the field. But, if you think this is going to be some literary work of genius – move on.

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