I am not one to criticize your food habits – so don’t worry about me saying you can’t eat that hamburger or those fries.  What I want to do with this post is to explain the different experiences and feelings that come from eating certain foods as your vibrational frequency increases.  Because…it does matter – even though I would rather it didn’t.

So, to give you some background, I am a vegetarian and have been one since my freshman year of college.  That is right – I went away from home and stopped eating meat.  To be fair, I had tried a handful of times while living at home, but, no matter what people say, it is difficult to be vegetarian when you don’t control what food comes into the house.

During my time as a vegetarian, I spent three years as a vegan.  I am a big proponent of vegan food and the whole industry that has sprung up around veganism, but, I also understand that being a vegan can be difficult.  During the time I was vegan I lived in mid-Missouri, a place known for meat, meat, and more meat.  While I was still in school, being vegan wasn’t difficult.  But, when I moved into the working world – specifically that of an attorney in the middle of the bible-belt…ummm, being a vegan is…almost impossible.

The working world contains business meetings and dinners with clients and bosses.  Situations where you cannot necessarily control which restaurant you eat at or what is available.  During this time I did stay vegetarian, but even that was a “big deal”.  When the company ordered chicken wings for lunch, they would put in a special order of celery and carrot sticks just for me.  There I would be eating my “bunny food” while others were chowing down on their wings.

All that to say – I’m a vegetarian with vegan leanings – but I understand the difficulty in eating certain ways depending on your situation and where you live.  I’m not going to judge your eating habits.

Now let’s talk about the ascension process – or that feeling of increasing the vibrations in your energetic field.  As you dive into the rabbit hole of oneness and increasing your psychic abilities, your energetic field changes and allows more energy into your system.  This makes you more sensitive to the energies and environments around you…including your food.

What I have noticed as my vibrations have continued to increase is that sugar has a major effect on my energetic system.  Even food like bread and muffins can leave me shaking or feeling a large energetic surge.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t eat sugar – I love snickers – but it does mean that I usually need to ground my energy after eating certain foods.

Certain foods do help to even out my vibrations and help me to “tune in” better than other foods.  Beans are good, as are most vegetable.  Eating lighter also helps to keep me feeling “on”, whereas a heavy meal will make readings more difficult and feels like I am wading through thick clouds.

Knowing this about food and its effect, I prefer to do readings in the morning before I have eaten anything.  I also do a lot of readings in the afternoon, and this means my lunches are usually light with an added snack around 3pm after I have finished readings for the day and before I pick up my daughter from school.

I never realized how much food could affect this process, so I thought I would write this quick post to let you know what I have experienced so far in my process.

How about you?  Do certain foods affect you more than others?  What foods do you like eating?


  1. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing the energetic effect of different foods on our system. So are you saying to grow energetically we shouldn’t eat meat?

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    1. I would say pay attention to how meat really affects you personally. I know some meat-eating psychics who will just wait until after a day of work to have a steak and obstain while doing readings. All our energetic systems are different, but meat does seem to have a grounding effect.


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