*** The Meet the Spirit series introduces us to a spirit entity each week.  These spirit entities bring forth a message for the audience.  If you would like to get to know your personal spirit guides, please check up my spirit guide reading available through Etsy***

So, a talking evergreen Christmas tree is coming forward…this should be interesting.  This tree is singing and dancing.  Now, he holds out his hands and we see that he is singing and dancing with other anthropomorphic holiday items – a dreidel, a Kwanza tree, that pole for people who don’t like Christmas.

Now the Christmas tree energy morphs into that of an older gentleman, kind of nondescript wearing khakis, a pink/purplish collared shirt, and a tan sweater vest.

I ask his name and he says, Kris Kringle.

I ask what message does he has for us today and he shows me again the scene of the items holding hands and singing and dancing together.  This is a message of unity—that no matter what we celebrate, we are all celebrating the same thing at the core, we are all celebrating love.

No matter the tradition.  No matter the religion.  There is always that common element of love.

Thank you, Kris, for the beautiful message.  May blessings be upon you and yours.

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