Are you guys ready for the new year??  Let’s take a look at the energy coming up for us and see what we can expect.

January 1 – 6

This first week of January brings us the image of a slot machine at a casino hitting a big win.  We get a “cha-ching” this week along with all the hoopla and celebration that comes with winning big.

January 7 – 13

This week we are a surfer on a wave, working to keep standing.  For some of us, this is a difficult feat and emotional traumas may prove too much and knock us off our board.  For others, you will be able to ride those emotional waves and find a satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

January 14 – 20

This week, we have the image of ourselves being rolled into a blanket like a burrito.  This is actually a very calming sensory tool that some individuals use to regulate their senses.  This will be a week that we may need to find our own sensory comforts out in the world – taking the time for a long bath or having a glass of wine after a stressful day at work.

January 21 – 27

This week, a coin is spinning in circles in front of us.  The prize is right there within our grasp – but can we get it?  The old-time Mario game is playing in my head with the idea of having to jump up and hit the brick to get the coin – can you jump high enough?  You have to work to earn that coin.

January 28 – 31

This week we have the image of punching a punching bag – this is a week to get out your aggression in a healthy manner.  You may feel frustrated and overwhelmed, but is there something you can do to relax and release any tensions of the day – anything that does not include punching an actual person.

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