With 2019 upon us, let us take a moment and see what is out there for us to anticipate this year.  This is a reading for the world, but if you would like a more specific reading, head on over to my Etsy site for a “Year Ahead” reading. 

General Energy

Picture this – you are up to bat and the ball is flying straight towards you.  Are you ready to swing?  What will happen next?  Will you hit the ball?  Miss?  Get a home run?  That is the general energy that this year brings us.

We are up to the plate in the game of our life, now it is up to us to see if we will succeed or not.  Only we can hit the ball.  Our parents can cheer from the stands, but they can’t help us.  It is us, and us alone.

There is this sense of anticipation that comes over this year.  Since this is a general reading we can’t get more specific than the idea that this is a year of great significance to each of us.  Some of us will put in the work and get a home run while others of us will whiff as the ball flies by.


It looks like we are getting sports symbols today as the advice the guides send along is of the image of an individual hitting a tennis ball with a racket.  The exact motion is just a game of keeping the ball vertically in the air – just hitting the ball by yourself trying to make sure it does not hit the ground.

This is advice to put in the work – to put in the effort and practice beforehand so that when you have the opportunity to step up to the plate you will be ready.  You need to practice – you need to do the grunt work – put in the hours now so that you will be ready when the coach comes calling.

Animal Guide

This year, we have the magpie to guide us.  The magpie is known for their voice – and so this is a message to make sure you are being heard.  Speak up when you know it is the right thing to do.

Magpies are also attracted to all things shiny – this can be a good thing, but can also get the magpie into trouble.  Make sure that your goal – that your shiny dream – is what your heart really desires and not just something pretty to distract you.

Some cultures associate magpies with good luck – so if you are speaking your voice and going for what your heart desires – luck may be on your side this year!


Collectively, this is a 3 number year.  We just came off an 11 year, full of significance and hardship.  That was a year of establishing a foundation, this year, we focus on growing that foundation and moving forward.

A 3 year is one in which focusing on our creativity is important.  3s represent moving from the two – the man and the woman – to what the 2 can create – the child.

Think about what you would like to create this year and put some effort to bring it into fruition.  You may also see creativity as a whole taking prominence this year – art, movies and tv shows may gain significance as the year progresses.

I wish all my readers out there a wonderful new year!!!!

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