You know how I like a good psychic exercise.  What about a psychic exercise that uses tools that were popular back in the 90s?  Who knew that the 90s were full of so many different activities that were secretly strengthening our psychic powers?

Magic Eye

Perhaps my favorite psychic exercise is to use those Magic Eye books that were popular in the 90s.  If you look at these images in the correct way you see a scene start to take shape before your “eyes”.

Now, how is this a psychic exercise?  These books actually help get you to see things from a different perspective.  You are, in essence, training yourself that things aren’t always what they appear to be – that there could be a hidden layer behind the surface.

Additionally, these Magic Eye books strengthen your physical eyes muscles to help you to see auras.  That is right, these books help your eyes in the same manner that other aura strengthening exercises do.

So, why not get out your old Magic Eye books out and see what you can “see”!

Where’s Waldo

Another fun exercise you can do is to take out those old Where’s Waldo books that have been gathering dust on your shelf.  You know you have been wondering what that red and white striped dude has been getting up to!

Get yourself in a centered psychic state and then flip it open.  How long does it take you to find Waldo?  Can you use your inner-eye to figure out where to look on the page?  Do you get an urge to look at a certain part of the page?  See where you are drawn to and how quickly you can find Waldo!

Dial-up Internet

Most of you reading this post likely have high-speed internet that refreshes each page in a matter of seconds.  But, for those of you alive back in the 90s, do you remember that time where you had to wait for the dial tone and then be patient as the connection was made?

How about, just for today, pretending you were back in those times.  Close your eyes and meditate for one minute each time you switch websites and pretend to wait for a new page to load.  You can easily get in a full session of meditation just waiting for your google searches!

Put down your Phone

Now here is an exercise that may be a little difficult for some of you out there (I know it is for me!).  Back in the 90s, we did not have smartphones and cellphones were not even close to fitting into your back pocket.  Instead, when you were waiting in line or in a restaurant you had to just wait – no looking on your phone.  And if you wanted to know the score of a game, you had to look it up in the newspaper or on the tv.  And if you wanted to know where your bestie is – no texting or using your find a friend app.

Here is your exercise.  Whatever you were going to look up on your phone – try using your psychic senses first.  Were you going to use your find a friend app to see if your boyfriend is on the way home?  Instead, tune into your intuitive senses and see if you can pick up where he is.  Want to know who won the football game last night?  Try to intuit the score before taking out that smartphone.

Now another task – instead of picking up your phone in line or at a restaurant – how about you just notice your environment.  See what details you can pick up – what color is the tablecloth?  Are there any variations in the pattern on the floor?  How much can you hear?  Do you hear the table next to you or the chefs in the kitchen?  Just noticing your environment more with your actual senses will help to strengthen your intuitive senses as well.

With all these fun psychic activities it may be fun to have a retro day and pretend you are back in the 90s.  See if you can increase your psychic muscles while having a little fun!

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