Recently Netflix moved seasons 1 through 3 of the tv show Lucifer to their site in anticipation of releasing season 4 which is being produced by Netflix. I was intrigued by the concept of this show and decided to binge watch the first three seasons in that in-between time from after Christmas to before New Years.

The premise of the show is that Lucifer is on vacation from hell and is spending his time living a life of vice in Los Angeles as a club owner. Then he meets Chloe “the Detective” Decker and begins his time as a consultant for the LAPD. 

Basically, this is a procedural cop show tied in with celestial references and characters. It operates the same as many police series with usually one murder to be solved per episode along with some overarching storylines that play out over each season.

So, what did this psychic-love and light-metaphysician think of a show based on the devil???

I LOVED it! 

This show actually had me thinking a lot about the nature of good versus evil and what they truly mean. This show portrays Lucifer as the “punisher” and it is his “job” to punish evil. But, really, we see that “evil” is something we do ourselves, no one makes us be “bad” it is our own ideas and preconceptions that lead us down that path.

What this show does beautifully is intermix many basic metaphysical principals into the storylines. If you pay attention you can get a good basic understanding of the underlying nature of reality from this prime-time tv series. There is an episode that focuses on finding worth within yourself not outside yourself. There is a focus on you creating your own reality with your thoughts and ideas – a basic premise of many esoteric texts. 

Although this show uses the concept of “the devil” as a character, it does so in a way that allows the viewers to question their own ideals of right versus wrong and good versus bad. It even had me questioning what this character of Lucifer means in a broader metaphysical perspective as the term means “light bringer”.  A little bit of research brought me down another rabbit hole of how different vibrational beings may have played a role in our creation as a species. 

So, basically, this show had me thinking on a deeper spiritual level while also having a good time watching it. I am anxiously awaiting the release of season 4. 

If you are looking for your next Netflix series to binge watch – I recommend giving Lucifer a shot. 

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