To the skeptics out there you may be thinking that psychics like the internet because it means they can look up information on clients before a readings.  Well, let me just say.  That is NOT the reason I love the internet.

First, let us get something clear.  Before a reading I do everything in my power to avoid looking up or knowing any additional information about a client.  I find readings are more in-depth and come out cleaner when I do not know anything at all about the individual I am reading.  So, no, I will not google you or search for you on Facebook before a reading.

But, I do love the internet and it has to do with something totally different.  I have found that the internet provides a great resource to understand a variety of different symbols.  My guides can use a symbol I know nothing about when communicating with me because they know I can just look the item up online and find the information and relevance they were trying to get across.

How about a real life example to show what I am talking about…

Every morning I check in with my guides and get a general energetic impression for the day ahead.  This serves a two-fold purpose.  First, it allows me to exercise my psychic muscle first thing in the morning so that even if I don’t have anything else intuitive to do that day at least it got one rep in.  Second, this gives me a heads up for what I can expect to unfold throughout my day.

So, on one day in particular I asked my guides what my energy was like that day and they showed me the image of a white duck looking straight at me and quacking.  They also sent across the sound of a quack that was insistent and trying to get my attention.  There was also an energy that came along with this message that was right in my face and kind of pushing towards me.  

Side note – you can see in that one message how my guides used multiple clairs.

Now, what does this have to do with the internet???  I had never received a message with a white duck before, but it was obvious that this white duck was trying to get my attention.  I took to google and looked up what a white duck could mean.

Next, I used my intuitive self again and clicked on the link that “felt” right (another clair coming into play here) and then read what it had to say.  Apparently, white ducks can be a sign of luck.  This white duck was trying to tell me that this day’s energy was going to be pretty lucky – forcibly lucky.

I did not understand the full impact of this message until the end of the day and the outcome of my luck was revealed (more on that later) – but I knew that my guides had used the internet to help me understand this important message they had for me.

Yes, I am a psychic and yes, I LOVE the internet.  The internet is just another tool that guides and spiritual entities can use to convey information and concepts.

How do you use the internet in your psychic practice?  Have you ever felt a guide leading you to a particular website?


  1. I have to agree, I love the internet! I find myself constantly looking up different symbols online. I also prefer doing online readings versus in person readings. I feel like I get a little nervous during in person readings and I tend to rush and may miss some things. But when reading people online, I can take my time and there is no one in front of me judging me.

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    1. I am totally with you! I was recently asked if doing readings online was harder than in person and I said online is actually easier. For me, it is much easier for me to write than speak – even in social situations.


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