Today I want to take a little time to talk about Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak. 

For a little background, this book was written in 1992 and Ms. Marciniak is a well known figure of Pleiadian teaching and contact.  So, who are the Pleiadians? They are said to be a race of aliens that are here to help usher us as a species into a new level of consciousness. 

I know, I have lost some of my loyal readers just by saying that.  Aliens? Here now helping us? What you need to understand is that a lot of the alien theory out there today is that “aliens” are really just beings at different dimensional frequencies who make “contact” with us. So what is there to say that your spirit guides aren’t really just a type of alien, right.

Okay, so what about this book. The premise of this book is that there is this great galactic war between dark versus light – with light being defined as knowledge and dark as the absence of knowledge. The idea is that we have been without knowledge for a long period of time because of some war that was lost millennia ago between the lights versus the darks. Now is a time in our history where this force field preventing the light from entering is being removed and information is now starting to come back to this planet. 

I have to say, this part of the book had me questioning the Pleiadians and what they stand for. There are many channels today that bring through these beings, and a lot of the information I have heard and read seems pretty legitimate and passes that gut level test…but not this. 

I had issues with a lot of they information that was presented in this book. First, it is not a directly channeled book but instead the piecing together of different lectures and workshops given by Ms. Marciniak over a period of time. One of her friends put this book together and it reads like it. There are places in the chapters where it feels like there is a subtle shift and the information is being cut and paste from different talks. It just does not flow like a channeled text. 

Also, there are many sections in this book that “feel” negative – as in, talking about destruction and conquering others and how all things could go wrong. That just doesn’t seem right for what the Pleiadians are supposed to stand for, so it surprised me to read this in such a seminal text on the subject. I also did some youtube watching of more recent channeled information brought through by Ms. Marciniak and there is one clip going around where she brings through negative information about Trump. My opinions on what I think Trump is about are pretty clear and it is not in line with the negativity that she brought through with that channeling – or what I have heard from other channels around that seem more valid. 

In the text itself there are also several instances where the information seems to contradict itself. At one point the text reads that you don’t need to do anything but hold the frequency of light and vibrate and this will affect others around you. Then, a few paragraphs later, it speaks of talking to others about what you know to help them “awaken”. 

There is also a section that I really do not connect with where the Pleiadians say to basically stop watching TV because it jams your frequencies and provides misinformation that leads to disease. I can see how this may be true for some, and may have been more the case back in 1992, but it does not ring true now. I believe some television shows can actually spark “awakenings” in some individuals and there are programs that get you thinking about the world around you, waking you up to what is and what isn’t real. And yes, these television shows can also be entertaining and not dry. 

Continuing with what I am iffy about regarding this text, is the insistence on 12 chakras that exist inside and outside the human body. Personally, from what I have experienced, there are actually 14 main chakras and they exist both above and below the human body, not just above the human body (more info available in my book Chakras and Auras). This 12 chakra system is not in line with what I see in myself or others around me.

But, this book is not all bad. There are many kernels of truth within the text that actually stimulate thinking. This is what was originally confusing for me reading this. At some points I was on-board the ship agreeing with these space creatures, and at other points I just could not agree with what was being written. What is a psychic to do in a situation that is so confusing as this book is…

I asked my guides of course! I asked what this book and Pleiadian message in this book was about – whether it was “real” or just fantasy. 

My guides sent me the image of a little girl on a swing that is attached to a tree. This girl is just swinging when she then decides to get off the swing and starts to climb the tree. The symbolism in this imagery tells me that part of this text is just “fun” and “child’s play”. The part about the galactic war of good versus evil is written in a way that is fun and humorous and to get our attention. This then brings individuals into a story which allows them to then “climb the tree of knowledge”. It acts as a starting point where you can then expand what you know and your belief systems. 

You can always count on yourself and your guides to give you the real scoop on any book! So, although there is a lot about this book that makes me question the channel and the writing, there is also some great truths that are included. 

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in aliens and ascension, but to remember to check everything with your own inner guidance on whether you think it is correct or not.

What do you think? Are aliens real? Is there a galactic war going on? Do you believe in the Pleiadians? 

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