*** The Meet the Spirit series introduces us to a spirit entity each week.  These spirit entities bring forth a message for the audience.  If you would like to get to know your personal spirit guides, please check up my spirit guide reading available through Etsy***

An individual is revving a motorcycle. He has a black motorcycle jacket, white t-shirt, jeans, short somewhat spike sandy blonde hair and has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. It appears that his motorcycle is positioned on a race track, but there are no other cars or vehicles around.

This guide says we can call him Simon.

Asking for his message, he starts riding his motorcycle around the race track. The stands of the race track are empty and there still are no other vehicles around.

Simon is impressing on me that, in the “race” of life, there is no one we are really “racing” against except ourselves. There is no finish line – nothing or no one to try to beat. There is no reason to go fast or slow, the pace we set is the pace that is right for us, and us alone.

There are no fans in the stadium cheering us on – there is no one that we need to seek approval from except ourselves. 

There are no other vehicles around – we are not competing against anyone else. The race is just with ourselves.

Our pace can vary throughout the race and that is okay – there is no reason to go “full throttle” the whole time – take some breaks and have a sandwich once in a while. 

Now Simon is showing me an image of him with his motorcycle parked in the grassy center of the track which has now become a nice forest area with a little pond. He is leaning against his motorcycle and eating a sandwich just enjoying the sun on his face and the animals and landscape around us.

Thank you, Simon, for that inspiring message. May blessings be upon you and yours.

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