A spirit is coming through in a hot air balloon. This spirit looks like something out of a steampunk novel. He is an older gentleman, with brownish hair that is starting to grey. His hair is a funny shape like it is longer on the sides and sticks out a bit. He is wearing a three-piece suit that is a brownish color with a blue tie. He has a pocket watch attached to his vest. He also has interesting looking “spectacles” that kind of look like a form of binoculars. 

The balloon he is riding in is a mixture of red and orange colors with a wicker basket which he is in.

This spirit says we can call him Alexander. 

I ask him what message he has for us today and he shows me him looking through his binoculars and down on the countryside below him. He says that sometimes the purpose of gaining a spiritual perspective is to have an overview of a situation so that we can look down at it and see the broader picture. 

When we are up close it is hard to see all the bits and pieces and how they all come together – but when we “rise” in our spiritual balloon and look at the situation from a different angle, suddenly we can fit the pieces together and see what we couldn’t see when we were right up next to it.

Now Alexander is showing me what he sees when he looks at the ground below him – it is the image of a rose cut into the landscape of the countryside. Up close the image just looks like roadblocks and areas that impede our path – but from that broader spiritual perspective, we can see the rose which those roadblocks form. 

Alexander is now showing me an image of him meditating and a thought bubble comes out from his head. It is in this thought bubble that we see the image of him in his hot air balloon. Meditation is one way to reach that higher spiritual perspective and be able to see the “rose in the roadblocks”. He is also showing me the image of him reading “spiritual” books – although he is saying that you have to be discerning and check everything against your gut – he is pointing to his stomach. 

Wow, thank you, Alexander, for that “perspective”. May blessings be upon you and yours.  

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