A popular saying in the New Age and metaphysical community is “love and light”. People will ask for others to send “love and light” for troubling situations or you might hear others use it as a greeting – but, when breaking down the phrase – what does “love and light” actually mean?

I will be honest, I used this term long before I actually had an esoteric grasp on the power and energy behind these words. And yes, they do have power and they are different. From my study of a variety of texts and my practical use and application of these energies, I have experienced what it actually means to feel and send “love and light”.

So, let’s break this saying down…


This is a word that we all feel familiar with, but do you realize that “love” is actual energy in the universe? We use it associated with an emotion, but it is broader than just something we feel towards other people or things (psst – I wrote on a post on Love here.) 

The energy and vibration of love is that of creation. It is through this energy that we label “love” that we can manifest and create in this dimension. When you send someone love you are sending the frequency of creation. What more powerful a source than to help others manifest their desires?


Light is a little less understood in a metaphysical sense as it has a lot of baggage that it comes with. We also have the physical view of light that we see in the day. From a metaphysical standpoint, however, light has a very specific meaning. 

Light is the energy and frequency of wisdom. Light brings with it information and helps us gain wisdom. When you send someone light you are sending them the frequency of this wisdom.

Love and Light

Therefore, when you are offering someone “love and light” you are offering them the frequencies of creation and wisdom. How beautiful is that?!

I hope you enjoyed this simple breakdown of this common phrase that is often glossed over. But, remember, words have power so sometimes it is wise to make sure you know what it is you are actually doing when you say things!

May you all experience the frequencies of Love and Light!


  1. It’s beautiful to Know the actual meaning of “Love and Light”, which we commonly use to wish others. It’s enlightening! Thank you so much. ❤️

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  2. Thank you….to be honest I have never heard the two words together. A friend of mine wished me Happy Birthday today. And at the end she wrote “Love and Light” I ask my daughter if she knew what exactly it meant…so she looked it up…..I read the meaning…together….it is absolutely beautiful. I could feel the energy as I read it their meaning thank you for putting it out there

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