It has been pretty cold and icy around my neck of the woods, and, I don’t know about you, but when winter weather hits all I really want to do is hibernate. Maybe I was a bear in a past lifetime… Well, during this recent hibernation time I turned on the good old Netflix and started watching Arrow…and didn’t stop.

I successfully binged watched Arrow in about two weeks – I know, pretty impressive! I am like a professional tv show watcher – something I have been since a kid.

Well, anyway, for my review… I will say I wasn’t expecting much when starting this series – just something to pass the time. I am not a big superhero fan or comic book reader, so I did not have much background in this show or with what the CW has done with what they call the Arrowverse. 

With that said, the first two seasons of this show really grab you and bring you in. There is something about the storyline that is compelling and keeps you guessing and wanting to know more. There were definitely some late nights for me wanting to know what happened next and watching just one more episode (or three) to figure out what happens.

While I thoroughly enjoyed/am enjoying (it is currently in the 7th season on the CW) this show, none of the seasons really compare to the first two. There is a unique darkness and storytelling quality when there are secrets still hidden, but once they become revealed, there is only so far that writers can go. 

And since I always like to give my perspective on shows as a psychic, perhaps my favorite metaphysical concept utilized in this show is in season 4 when there is a theme that trying to defeat darkness with darkness just makes it stronger, the only way to win against darkness is through light. 

I love this concept and it is one that runs strong through many of my spiritual perspective posts. The show doesn’t fully utilize the strength of what this means and, in reality, uses the concept of “unity” instead of “light” to defeat the “darkness” – but, at least the words were out there.

Overall, this is a great show to watch when you just want to be taken into another world. I would say though if you don’t love the first two seasons, it isn’t going to get better, so just give up on it. 

So, what should I watch next? What are you watching right now on Netflix?

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