*** The Meet the Spirit series introduces us to a spirit entity each week.  These spirit entities bring forth a message for the audience.  If you would like to get to know your personal spirit guides, please check up my spirit guide reading available through Etsy***

A woman rides in on a brown horse. She is wearing a pink flannel shirt, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots. She has a cowboy hat on her head which she holds on with one hand while the other hand holds the reigns to the horse which she is steadying.  She has brown hair in pigtails and green eyes. 

She says we can call her Antia.

I ask what her message is for us. She takes the horse and trots it around the ring. It looks like she is in some sort of horse show or preparing for one. The energy is of people looking at the horse and judging it for how it looks and how it behaves while she is riding it. 

Antia says that we are the souls “riding” our human bodies. Other people are going to look at and judge how our bodies look and how we handle them. It takes skill to maneuver the horse just as it takes skill to properly maneuver the body. But, there is only so much we can do with the horse we are given. There are only so many baths we can give it to make it look pretty and shiny. Only so many runs to build on the muscles in the horse’s body. 

Do the best with the body you were given – the body you chose before incarnation. Yes, other people are going to judge that body – other people will judge how it is being handled – but remember – it is just a body. It is just your vehicle while you are in the “ring of life” and once you get out of the ring you will leave that body behind. Because, in the end, that body is just a vehicle for the beautiful soul which rides on top.

Thank you, Antia, for that beautiful message. May blessings be upon you and yours. 


    1. That is actually the book my book club full of skeptics is reading this month! They wanted something from “my world” and I thought I’d give them something not too metaphysical to introduce them into the woo-woo. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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