From my knowledge of how the universe works and the purpose of life – I wanted to take this time to give you a cautionary statement. I am all about consuming a variety of information from books, tv, movies, the internet – basically anywhere that you can get a new perspective. But, how do you know whether to trust the information you are reading? Is there any way you can know (other than that intuitive gut feeling) if something is truthful or if it is from a source that may be “compromised”?

One way that I use to clearly remove any informational source from my repertoire is to see how it deals with limitations. What do I mean by limitations – this is anything that says “thou shalt not”. Material that labels something as “bad” or “not good” in any form makes me pause and question that source. 

It is my belief that this is a world full of free will, and in order to have that free will we must allow for everything – the possibility and probability – of everything to exist. This does not mean you have to do something you deem as “wrong” but it also means that not everything you deem “bad” is actually bad.

Yes, this means that I do not believe in the 10 Commandments. From my research, these Commandments were given from a source that focused on “service to self” versus “service to others”. I tend to follow the “service to others” pathway, so those Commandments do not sit well with me. 

Now is when people are going to play the “devil’s advocate” and say, but what about killing – thou shalt not kill. No, you probably shouldn’t kill someone. There are lots of things that may happen as repercussions from that action…however, perhaps you set up a lifetime that involved the choice of murder in it. Perhaps that was included in your blueprint to balance out karma or for you to experience certain catalysts that come with that act. Then is it really that you should not kill or is that justified because it was pre-planned. Now that is some deep philosophical discussions that can take place with that idea…

Most of what is considered a “sin” I find to not really be sinful expect in the fact that it creates unbalance and does not necessarily help any individual – but it does not mean that those sins may not be necessary for the greater plan of your life. 

Everything, including energetic balancing, is so personal in this third density that to have definitive statements about what is “right” and what is “wrong” about a situation or individual just does not work. Each being comes into this world with their own unique energetic structure and needs – therefore you cannot say that one person has to do something or cannot do something.

So, yeah, limitations – I don’t like those. You are an unlimited being full of all the potential in the universe. You are a part of the infinite intelligence and as such you are whole and perfect and can do anything you want. Don’t let other people or sources limit what you believe is possible. Anything is possible. 


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