This week I read (or rather, listened to – thanks audible) Karen Page’s My Life Across the Table: Stories From a Psychic’s Life. I love books from fellow psychics talking about their experiences in this mystical and metaphysical world and I had high hopes for this book.

So, did I like it?

Meh. I give this book about a B+. It is entertaining learning about Karen’s life and her work. From what she describes, she is an amazing psychic and can pick up on more information than I could dream of ever receiving. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs throughout the years and seems to have a client list that is amazeballs. 

In this book, she goes over some of her most notable and interesting experiences that she has had over her very long career – one that appears to have begun when she was just in her teens. There is everything from homicide cases to a run in with a mobster profiled in this book.

Overall, the stories are interesting…but they move kind of slow and she could summarize the experiences in a few paragraphs instead of chapters. I felt myself wanting to speed up the audiobook but is only a little over 5 and a half hours so I didn’t feel that it was warranted. 

I’m also amazed at how she was able to get so far into her career and not learn some basic metaphysical and spiritual principles that come with this field. With how amazing she seems to be as a psychic, it felt disingenuous that she didn’t understand how the world of the spirits work. 

I found myself wanting to really like Karen – she seems like a great person and she seems to have a lot of friends around her – but, I also felt like I couldn’t really connect with her through the writing. There just seemed to be something missing from this book, like she wasn’t able to fully establish an emotional connection with the reader. 

In the end, I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick read, especially if you have the audiobook version available and just want something to listen to. This is not a highly entertaining book and you won’t get the warm and fuzzies about this psychic (for that I recommend Tyler Henry’s Between Two Worlds) – but it is overall a decent read. 

Do you have a favorite psychic? What autobiography about a psychic is your favorite?  

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