After reading how the book “Bringers of the Dawn” discourages the consumption of television and seeing the viewing of shows generally spoken negatively in the metaphysical and spiritual community, I decided to take a closer look at my opinions of the topic in a spiritual manner.

I should preface this discussion by saying I have been a large fan of television since I was a kid. I was binge watching Doogie Howser before binge watching was even a phrase. So, with that in mind, I may have a little bit of a bias in favor of tv in general. You may have guessed that as I have written numerous reviews on different tv shows on this blog here (you can see them here, here, and here).

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of including tv in your life as a metaphysical practitioner.

First, let’s start off with some negatives that I have found occur when people watch tv – specifically too much tv. 

After looking at the chakras of a variety of individuals (including myself), I can say that spending too much time watching Netflix can affect your chakras, specifically your root chakra. Spending your entire weekend binge watching shows may result in that root chakra closing down nice and tight (not that I know this from personal experience…). 

Now, what can you do about this if your favorite show just uploaded three seasons on Netflix and you have a weekend with nothing planned? I would recommend taking some breaks during your watching schedule to do some intense physical exercise or grounding during this weekend of fun. Go to the gym and run for 45 minutes, go for an hour long walk after season one, go to a yoga class – find something physical to do to help ground your energy during this weekend – this will end up helping that root chakra (yep, I’m going with physical grounding here because I’m assuming your are firmly planted on your couch watching away – just standing barefoot on the ground isn’t going to cut it here). 

Another aspect of your energetic system you may want to be aware of before spending too much time watching television is if you have any tears or holes in your aura. These deficiencies can let in energies that are not in harmony with your own and cause grey or black splotches to develop in your aura. 

So, how do you prevent these grey splotches from developing in you have a tear and it has not closed fully yet (you can check out my book Chakras and Auras for information on closing tears and holes)? This is when you want to choose the media you consume carefully. Don’t binge on a show with high content of violence or graphic horror scenes. Maybe choose programing that has that loving vibration to it instead of the latest crime drama.

Those are just a few negatives of watching too much tv from a metaphysical perspective. Now how about we talk about some of the positives of watching and consuming television.

Television can open you up to new information and frames of references. I am a big fan of being a perpetual learner because I believe that it helps to know that something is possible so that you realize you can achieve that something. Well, tv can provide this catalyst to you – even if it is in fiction form. Watching something deemed “magic” on tv may inspire you to learn how you can develop and utilize energetic “magic” in your own life.

Shows may also get you thinking about a variety of concepts. After binge watching Lucifer I found myself contemplating my preconceived notions of good versus evil as well as how the character and archetype of the devil played on in the bible, our collective consciousness, and Tarot. Without being exposed to this show I probably would not have gone down that rabbit hole in the time or manner that I did – which also eventually lead me to read The Ra Material.

Now here is a benefit that most individuals probably don’t think of but can help any developing psychic or intuitive. Watching a great show can actually help you with your visualization skills, which, in turn, helps with your third eye. Stay with me here as I make this connection…How many times have you watched your favorite show and then wanted the characters to act differently in a scene – or maybe your favorite show left off on a cliff hanger and you are wondering what is going to happen next. These are both perfect opportunities for you to contemplate how you would like these scenes to play out in your mind’s eye. Imagine those characters and see how many details you can picture in your mind. Then have those characters walk around and act out scenes. This activity helps greatly with concentrating on your third eye – and it is kind of fun as well.

I want to end this discussion by saying that not all tv is bad. Especially in this day and age, with the advent of Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and all other mediums, shows can now be found to cover a wide range of information and topics. There is even Gaia which has programing specifically for the “awakened” individual. If you look enough you will easily find something that works for your entertainment and spiritual needs. 

Take a closer look at your favorite shows and see if you can extract those snippets of spiritual wisdom that may be hidden in them. Just from the shows I have reviewed here, there are numerous instances of metaphysical gems in plane sight. This is information that is seeping into the collective consciousness of the masses from this wonderful medium of television.

So, I may be biased towards my love of television – but I am okay with it!  I can see the benefits and drawbacks. But, you better bet that I am willing to hit the gym in order to relax and binge watch my favorite shows.

What are your thoughts about television? Should it be avoided or are there good programs out there? What are some of your favorite shows – bonus points for anyone that can get me hooked on a new show?!!


  1. I think all media has benefits, but some people use it as a substitute for the real world. I also think WE need to choose where we focus our attention, as WHAT we focus on brings more of the same to each of us, and will affect us, either for good or ill.

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    1. I’ve been binge watching “Medium”, among other shows, and I think it’s having an effect, a good one. I am seeing messages and other visuals. I’m seeing them while dreaming and while waking up. If I wake up in the middle of the night, and I’ve left the television on, I might see a news piece that hasn’t happened or characters from one show who appear on another. I’ve also received texts that reveal truths. I don’t do drugs but I do have prophetic dreams and have all my life. Now however, I”m looking to developing it.

      By the way, I have always loved television; for one, it’s how I learned English!

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