There have always been debates about whether we live lives that are predetermined or if we have ultimate free will and choose each moment that we experience for ourselves. From my experience and esoteric knowledge, I have come to the realization that we live in a world that is compromised of a combination of both fate and free will acting together.

So, how does this work?

Before we incarnate here on earth, I believe that we have a basic script for how we want our life to play out. We set out certain people, places, and ideas that we want to implement in our lives. We set in place the opportunity for certain situations to manifest in our life. Some of these definitely will occur in some way, shape or form while others are more probabilities and possibilities.

This means that we may have a plan in place to marry a certain individual. Prior to incarnation we may come together with this individual and agree on a certain scenario that will alert us to the fact that we need to pay attention to this person and that they are meant to be in our lives. We will also likely set up locations that are similar so that the possibility and chance of running into this individual will be high.

But, when we get to earth, we still have the free will to go along with this plan or to abandon it. We could decide that we are not interested in that individual, even when our subconscious is directing us to them. And that is fine. The karma that you needed to work out with this individual can just be dealt with at a later time/life. Free will can allow this possibility to pass by and that is totally coolio.

What about big life events?

There are other situations, however, that I feel are more fated. If they didn’t occur in a certain manner they will manifest in a different way – but they are fated to manifest. These are what I call “touchpoints” – moment in your life that have the potential to change everything. 

We still have free will in how we handle these events, but these events are fated and will occur in some way. These events can usually be read in individuals astrological charts and can be pinpointed to certain time periods of our life.

My beliefs

So, I basically believe that we have both fate and free will. Some things are fated as possibilities and some are more high probabilities, but how we respond to these touchpoints is a matter of free will. We can still change the script down here on earth – we are still in charge of our life.

I know, in my life, I can pinpoint several of these moments – these touchpoint and possibilities. I believe I set up the situation prior to incarnation for my hubby and me to meet. The probability of it happening was high. It helped that I was also developing a strong relationship with my spirit guides at this time and was able to receive clear guidance on the karmic nature of our relationship, but I could have chosen to go another way – this was a possibility that was set up in my life – and I am glad I followed it.

I also can point to a touchpoint of a probability, along with the astrological components to go with it. I had a very high probability of having a child that would teach me deep lessons during my Saturn Return. My Saturn is located in Scorpio in my 5th house (the house of children). It retrograded during my Saturn Return and I ended up with 10 months of Saturn traversing the location of my natal Saturn.

This also happened to be the exact time period that I was pregnant with my daughter and the North Node happened to be conjunct that Saturn at this time as well. Now if that isn’t a touchpoint I don’t know what is! My daughter was born with this Saturn conjunct North Node in her 9th Chart – hello teacher energy!

Can you point out these possibility and probability touchpoints in your own life? Do you believe in fate or free will? How would your life have turned out differently if you would have chosen an alternative route during these touchpoints?

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