This month I decided to ask the spirits for some general messages about what the energy is like for April 2019. This will help us get an overall feel for the energies that are present and also how we can best plan our lives around them.

I don’t know about you but I have been waiting all year for April. It feels like the energy of the beginning of 2019 has been like a dam in a river just holding back and waiting for April to come and release the pent up energy of the last few months. This feels like a month to take action and make things happen. Mercury is done with its retrograde and will be out of shadow by mid-month. Things are moving astrologically and the energy is shifting as well.

I received the image of a jet ski riding quickly across the ocean with a view of the beach just behind it. It feels like this release of energy will encompass our emotions as well. If we have been holding back saying something or being honest with ourselves or others, you may find that words just shoot out of your mouth – and maybe not when you wanted them to. 

Your emotions themselves may pick up this month as well. Things kind of felt deadened and like a heavy fog had fallen around the emotional energy of the earth these last few months. That fog will be lifted this April and you will be able to “feel” again – both the good and the bad. This is a warning to empaths to not be surprised with a sudden influx of emotions that may appear when you are not expecting it. 

My guides also sent the image of an individual hiking up the side of a mountain He is near the top but still a steep ways to go. It feels like he is about 2/3rds the way through this journey – and the image looks rough and outlined, not like a detailed picture, more like a computer pixilated image. This tells us that we are nearing finishing some hard work, but we still have a little bit to go. We still need to put in a little more effort – even if we are tired. You may want to rest for awhile, and that is okay, enjoy the beautiful view, but that mountain still needs to be summited – so keep climbing. 

The final image my guides sent was of an elderly lady putting a stamp on a bingo sheet. Something you want is on the way into your life this month. Your luck is turning and you may find yourself receiving something that is unexpected. Take it – it may just be one piece to a larger puzzle of your life. 

Well, this looks like it is going to be an intense month!  I know I am ready for it! I have some exciting announcements coming up this month and I am ready to hold onto that jet ski and ride the energy of April!


  1. Hi Shannon – my first time on your site.

    I found the imagery you have received very interesting. I’ve been working with Absolute Source and the High Ones on earth’s ascension for the last nine years.

    I just completed the anchoring of the cosmic love energy into the mediterranean sea in March which will be fully anchored into the antarctic ocean by the 2019 September equinox. The final stage of anchoring earth’s energies will occur in November 2019 when I will be climbing up to Everest Base Camp to the side of Kala Pattha – although the actual mountain hosting the final energy is located a few days hike before EBC.

    The bingo sheet and the old lady confirms the anchoring and connectivity of all energies for ascended new earth as the Mother Goddesses have played a predominant role in earth’s ascension and preparation for the Golden Age which is scheduled to occur in about 200 years – we should start seeing changes in earth’s energies from 2023.

    Hope this helps to clarify the imagery you received.

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