The other day I was just minding my own business, when I suddenly heard some interesting words come from my husband’s computer. This peaked my interest and I asked what exactly he was watching. It turns out he was watching Third Eye Spies, a documentary on the psychic spy program for the US started over 20 years ago.

Count me in!  I had him start the movie over from the beginning and I was hooked!

This movie tells the story of the beginning and maybe/possible/probably not end of the government’s controlled remote viewing program. I have read (and am currently reading) books on remote viewing, and basically, it is a systemized method of tapping into psychic abilities. It takes the mystery and woo-woo out of what psychics do and sterilizes it in a fashion that anyone can use to open up and utilize their abilities. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against controlled remote viewing. I think it is amaze-balls and I think it should be taught in grade schools. But it basically is just typical witchy ritual in a standardized and bland form.

So, back to the movie. I actually really liked this movie. It provides everything you could ask for in a documentary. There is plenty of background on how the government’s psychic spy program got started and what went into the research of the pioneers. There is some intrigue as we are left wondering if a prominent psychic spy was assassinated or maybe is still working for the government only is so deep his death was staged or maybe he just died on natural causes…the mystery remains!

This movie also briefly hints at where controlled remote viewing is going now and likely will continue to go in the future…hint…aliens…ufos…other dimensional realities. 

If you have any interest in psychic phenomenon I would highly recommend watching this movie. It is both entertaining and informative! 

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