I communicate with a lot of spirit guides. My own and those of my clients. Some days I actually communicate with more spirit guides than I do people. And really, it is one of my very favorite things to do with this career. 

Over all these communications, there are some things that I have come to learn about spirit guides – some of which I wouldn’t have thought when just beginning this journey.  

Perhaps my biggest lesson is that spirit guides are funny. They have a great sense of humor – when you need them to be serious they will be serious – but if they can bring humor into a situation they will sure do so.

Why is this? Humor “lightens” the mood – and that lighter energy makes it so much easier to communicate with you. When you are trying to be all serious and bring through important message, this can bring in heavy energy which makes it harder to make those connections. But humor lifts the vibratory energy around you and makes that communication so much clearer and easier for both parties. 

Plus – it makes it fun! 

This life we are living is supposed to be an adventure. Those “hard” life lessons you are learning are there because you wanted them to be there. Stop being so serious about everything! Your guides want you to have fun on this journey. Yes, learn and grow and evolve, but there is nothing wrong with evolving with a smile on your face.

And guess what, sometimes guides like to play jokes on us. They need some amusement too! My main guide has a particularly raunchy sense of humor and will point out inappropriate images in the most inopportune times – aka how the woodwork at the church I go to kind of looks like an male body part – try not to laugh when a guide points this out!

It is not just my guides who are like this – your guides are this way too – the guides of my clients are like this. When I do readings with clients they will sometimes try to make me laugh while doing the reading. This is one reason I LOVE doing spirit guide readings – I end up having a lot of fun in the process!

Am I supposed to say that – that this work is fun??!!! Well, the secrets out – with the humor that guides have this work can be great.

Why am I telling you this? Sometimes people get scared or intimidated trying to communicate with their guides. Or they don’t realize that their guide is communicating with them because they aren’t getting big downloads of spiritual knowledge. Guides aren’t always serious and there is nothing to be afraid of with them.

Basically, I am telling you to let down your guard and communicate with your spirit guide. Start up a conversation and see where it leads you. Think about your relationships with your friends – they get stronger by communicating and finding common interests – same goes with your guides. The more you two laugh together, the stronger your relationship will be. 

What is one funny or humorous thing your guides have pointed out or said to you? Let me know in the comments!


  1. During my meditation last Halloween morning, my guide sent me a banner clairvoyantly. It was very bright like an electronic bulletin board. It said BOO! (In creepy writing). I laughed out loud. 😃

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