Instead of an energy forecast this month – my guides are leading me to provide a message for us to contemplate and work towards this month.

The message is one of togetherness. That we are never alone – even when we think we are – there is always someone with us – be it our guides – family – friends – strangers. 

So often we think we can only depend on ourselves. We have to work hard and do so alone because everything depends on us alone. 

This is not the truth – the truth is that we are all in this together. With every person we raise, we raise ourselves. With every person we reach out to and connect with – we all – as a soul unit – become stronger.

This month, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to connect to others. These can be other people around you or it can be your spiritual guides. 

Make an effort every day to say “hi” to someone – to smile – to make a legitimate connection. 

Sometimes a big impact can be left by just your energy and a smile. My guides are showing me the image of an encounter I had this past weekend. I was in a pubic restroom going to wash my hands and next to me was an older woman. Her essence, her aura, was just so profound that I found myself looking at her in the mirror and smiling. She smiled back – and with that smile I felt a connection – an energy exchange. I thought “I hope I am like her when I am her age” – just that smile left a big impact.

This month – find ways to leave your impact – to connect with others – to realize that you are not alone – you never were and you never will be. 

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