Recently a friend (the same one that recommend the OA) asked if I had heard of Pamela Kribbe and her work channeling the energies of Jesus (who comes through as Jeshua ben Joseph) and Mary Magdalen.  I had not, so I was eager to check out her work – you know how much I love channeled readings!

All of Pamela’s work is available for free through her website but I decided to purchase a copy of one of her texts to have a series of her readings in paper format to peruse at my leisure (who says millennials are the death of traditional books!). I went with the text The Jeshua Channelings and I am really glad I dove into this text.

This book contains Pamela’s “Lightworker” series, explaining the four stages of waking up to the work of a lightworker, followed by a selection of channelings she did publicly from 2003-2006.

I found the messages Pamela brought through from the entity of Jeshua very profound and in line with what I have been experiencing in our world today. Jeshua’s message is very readable and easy to understand. I found myself underlining sentence after sentence as the words and messages really hit home and were profound in their simplicity. 

Sometimes channeled readings can be muddled and hard to parse through (I’m looking at you A Course in Miracles…), this is not the case with this text. The information is relevant to anyone that has a spiritual bent and is looking at a way to see the world from a different perspective. 

None of the information presented in this book was really new or life changing for me, but instead it was like the thoughts in my head were being presented in word format right in front of me. 

Perhaps my favorite quote (and I have many) from this text is as follows:

“True spiritual alchemy introduces a ‘third energy,’ a type of consciousness which embraces both polarities through the energies of love and understanding. The true purpose of your journey is not to have Light conquer Dark, but to go beyond these opposites and to create a new type of consciousness which can maintain unity in the presence of both light and dark.”

Pamela Kribbe “The Jeshua Channelings”

Needless to say, I recommend reading this book if you feel drawn to it. But, if you prefer, all the information is available for free through her website in which case I would recommend you start with the Lightworker Series.

Have you read Pamela Kribbe’s work? Who is your favorite modern channel? Who is your favorite channel of years past?

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