I was recently introduced to the work of Dolores Cannon, a woman who worked with past life regression for many decades and has many books to her name. At a lecture I was attending, I learned about her series Convoluted Universe and decided I wanted to give it a read – I mean, anything that talks about complex metaphysical topics – I’m in!

The first book in the Convoluted Universe series is actually not considered to be Convoluted Universe: Book 1 but instead Custodians: Beyond Abduction a book that sets the stage for the more complex ideas that take place in her later books.

For some reason this year I have been lead to read many books that center around aliens (here and here). These books comes to me by coincidence and synchronistic events so I know that there is a reason that I am meant to read them. While reading Custodians, I realized that the other books I have read this year have prepared me for the concepts in this work.

Custodians documents Cannon’s work using regression to uncover encounters with extraterrestrials that occurred to individuals, sometimes without their knowing. Her work is intriguing, especially when you see how various people across the country have similar experiences that there is no way of repeating.

This work documents that our universe is a lot larger and more complex than we really know or understand. There are different dimensions, universes, technologies, energy sources than we could even imagine.

Additionally, this work shows us how far we still need to go as a planet. There are entities out there who want us to succeed – who want to have contact with us out in the open – to trade – to give us technology – but then when they make an effort, we end up using what they give us and corrupting it for power and destruction. Reading this work I could see how extraterrestrials are likely getting pretty frustrated with what humans have done and are doing. 

Personally, I really liked this book. I would caveat that by saying that you need a very open mind to read this type of literature. A lot of the concepts that could be shocking to some where already familiar to me, and this book just provided more information and details. 

So, if you have trouble with the idea that aliens have been making contact with us for eons – that entities outside this earth are actually responsible for the genetic manipulation of human DNA – that there is an intergalactic council of inter-dimensional beings just waiting for us to stop fighting with each other – than this book may not be for you.

Overall, I LOVED this book. After finishing (well, a little before) I quickly ordered the next book in this series and have been gobbling that one up with the same enthusiasm. If you have an interest in UFOs, aliens and spiritual matters – but aren’t looking for something scary – check out this book!


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