Many people have likely done a chakra visualization where you imagine your chakras healthy and clean and spinning beautifully. This is just one of the common techniques individuals use to help get their chakras open and functioning beautifully.

But does it work???

Well…yes and no.

What do I mean?

Chakras are energy – your thoughts and visualizations are energy. Thus, yes, your thoughts can affect your chakras. (Spoiler alert – your thoughts affect a lot more than just your chakras…) This means that doing a twenty minute visualization off youtube that helps you open your chakras will work…but…

It won’t keep your chakras open forever.

The thing about chakras are that they are energy centers. They are effected by the energies around them. When you think and imagine them open, they will open. But then you likely go about your normal day and your normal hum drum thoughts – some of them maybe not so great – and your chakras revert back to how they were before that visualization you did. 

This means that if your solar plexus chakra is usually closed, but you do a great visualization and imagine your solar plexus chakra open – it will open. But then, imagine yourself one hour later getting a grating email from your boss that makes you doubt yourself and your abilities. Now that solar plexus chakra is being inundated with thoughts of low self esteem and that baby is going to close back up really quickly. 

Now – all hope is not lost here.

Once you realize the power of your thoughts, you can begin to take steps to really get your chakras open and looking great for good.

This means that if you want to have all your chakras open, you are going to have to do some deep digging and really figure out what thought patterns you currently have that are causing your chakras to close. You are going to have to do some real work on your self esteem and confidence to keep that solar plexus chakra open so that one little email from your boss isn’t going to have such a great effect on your energetic body. 

But I also want to say that doing visualizations to open your chakras isn’t worthless. There are some benefits from doing these exercises. 

For one, they help you feel what an open chakra feels like. After doing a chakra opening meditation you likely feel refreshed and revived with your energy flowing freely throughout your energetic body. Do these enough and you can really understand when your chakras are out of balance and when they are functioning beautifully. 

Doing chakra opening visualizations will also help you feel what it is like to control your energy or qi. You can learn to manipulate this energy and how to bring more or less into your system depending on what you want to accomplish. This is why I usually recommend individuals do a quick chakra visualization every morning – soon you will learn to draw energy up into your system and work with it on another level.

So, yes, chakra visualization exercises do work, but if you want to keep your chakras open for the long term, you will need to work on your overarching thought patterns. 

Do you do chakra opening visualizations? Do you think they work?  Let me know in the comments!


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