We are back to our regularly scheduled Seven Cups Psychic Forecast for this month. As always, these readings are set with the intention to apply to anyone reading this blogpost for the month of June 2019. These readings are also an example of how I work as a symbolic psychic and how I perceive and interpret information. 

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General Energy

When I tuned into the general energy for June 2019 for those reading this post, I received the image of a man having a brown leather jacket put on him. This image has the feeling of finally achieving a place in a pack – being initiated into a gang or group that you have longed to be a part of.

This month, the energy favors groups, particularly those that you have an inkling to belong to. Look for opportunities to interact with others who have the same or similar interest to your own. Don’t be surprised if an opportunity or an invitation lands in your lap out of the blue – say yes and see where it leads you!


In the work category, I received the image and sound of someone revving their engine. This month feels like a month to prepare and get the pieces in place for bigger happenings in later months. This isn’t the month to rush from the starting line, instead be patient and bide your time for the opportunity to pounce.  


In the money category, I received the image of money raining from the sky and the lyrics “it’s raining money” to the tune of “it’s raining men” by the Weather Girls. It looks like financial prospects are up this month. You may find yourself in situations where extra cash seems to fall into your lap. Don’t be surprised if you find some extra coins in the cushions this month or if your grandma accidentally sends you two birthday cards with twenty dollar bills inside.


In the love category, I received the image of a large butcher knife coming down and cutting a hunk off a larger piece of meat. This is the month to let go of those relationships or situations that are not working for you. Stop fretting over something that is long gone and concentrate on the piece of meat you have in front of you. This is a great month to look at ways to release energies or emotions that are weighing you down – cut off that extra fat and just concentrate on the lean meat in front of you. 


In the family category, I received the image of an individual giving someone a kiss on each cheek.  The family seems cordial this month and any opportunity to make up and forgive will take center stage. There is no big dramas to worry about instead look for opportunities to form connections and deepen relationships. 


In this spirituality category, I received the image of a tornado and the word “whirlwind”. Things may shift suddenly and unexpectedly in your spiritual life. You may find yourself encountering situations that you could never have expected. Maybe you have a dream about a deceased relative or an experience that makes you question your long held beliefs. My advice – go with it and see where this tornado of energy takes you!


The advice this month is the image of an individual laying cards on table. This is the month to show your hand and let everyone see what you have been holding back. Living authentically is the theme for this year – have you been obliging? Are you being your true self? Show others that self and don’t be afraid of their reaction. It might surprise you – you don’t know what cards are in their hand. 

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