The Power Club by Greg Gildersleeve is one of those book’s whose characters stay with you long after the last page. They find their way under your skin and into your subconscious so that they peak up at you in random situations when you start thinking – how would this character react to this scenario?

The Power Club is set in a universe where some people are born with special abilities and the rest are just “ords” (ordinary). The government makes all individuals with powers live in special “districts” and kids are only allowed to use their powers at school and home…unless they join a special club.

Damon is a kid with the ability to create darkness and he desires to join a special club and really use his abilities. The book centers around common themes that young pre-teen boys encounter – fitting in at school, making friends and keeping them, hiding things that could be considered embarrassing (aka that nerdy comic book collection). 

But this book also takes things a step farther and makes you really start to think what life would be like if some individuals – if you – had powers. Would you want to use these powers for good even under the threat of government retaliation? Would you want to get back at those that are restricting your use of your powers? Would you just comply and go along with what you are told to do? What would your choice be?

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It is a quick read and one that you could probably get through in a day or two. I plan to keep this book around and read it to my daughter when she is a bit older, as I think it has great lessons and could lead to interesting discussions.  But, I also think there is plenty in here for the grownup reader to think about and contemplate. 

Perhaps the only negative comment I can come up with about this book is that I got a little annoyed that two of the characters had similar names – Damon and Danner – but if that is my biggest complaint…I think we can all just sweep that under the rug. 

So, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something that is a quick read, but one that will make you think. 

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