Over the last decade, and in particular, the last five years, crystals have gained in popularity. You can now find crystals at the most mundane places – from the grocery store to Target. People that do not seem to have a woo-woo bone in their body suddenly are using crystals as living room decor to “add good juju” to the environment. 

There is a double edged sword that comes with this increase in popularity of crystals. Yes, they are easier to get now, but those prices seem to raise a little bit higher every year. 

Also with the increase in popularity of crystals is a number of people who are interested and want to get their hands on some, but don’t necessarily understand how or why crystals work.  Knowing the basics of crystals helps individuals to understand which crystals may be right for them and why what one person may say works for them does not necessarily work for you.

How Crystals “Work”

Crystals (like everything) emit vibrations. Because of the unique structure of a crystal, most are able to amplify the energy they emit or the energy that is around them. You probably have a quartz crystal near you right now – they are in your cellphones, watches, radios and computers. Their properties are used in mainstream science just as much as in the mystical arts. 

But, I know you came here to learn about the woo-woo reason of how crystals work and not the scientific rational – if you want a detailed scientific explanation, look elsewhere. 

Here we go – basically, crystals emit a vibration, a frequency. When you put something close by, the crystal’s frequency will influence that object and, eventually, may become “in tune” and vibrate at similar frequencies.

I always explain this like a tuning fork. Ring one tuning fork and then bring another close by and it will start to vibrate at the same frequency. Crystals work in much the same way.

Bigger is Better – One at a Time 

Because crystals work as energy vibrators – this also means that size really does matter. A bigger crystal will have a bigger effect on another object than a smaller crystal. So yes, you may need to shell out the extra cash for the larger crystal. 

But…even though bigger is better, less is also better as well. Working with too many crystals at any one time is just going to confuse the energy and vibration of the object or environment that you are in. It is better to work with just one or two main crystals at any moment instead of trying to stuff twenty crystals into your skinny jean pockets. 

Now, if you have been reading this blog any length of time, you may know that I don’t like “rules” or “limitations” – so take what I am saying and apply it to your life. Maybe twenty small crystals is the perfect number for you – then I encourage you to go for it!

I will admit here that I have a shit-ton of crystals, especially in my office. My shelves are lined with bowls full of crystals as well as more artful pieces sitting nicely displayed. And you know what – that room feels amazeballs. The energy is just beaming and all those crystals are just working off each other.

So, I might not always practice what I preach – but I tend not to carry more than two pocket sized crystals with me on any particular day. Plus – who can really fit more in these skinny jeans that are so popular these days!?

What Crystals Mean 

Another common question about crystals I get from individuals interested in working with them is what do particular ones mean? Just type “amethyst metaphysical properties” in google and you will likely get a lot of different explanations of how this purple stone can help you.  

You may be wondering why there are so many different purposes – and some may even contradict each other. Even some major crystal experts in the field do not agree with the properties of certain crystals.

The explanation to this is simple – crystals work differently for different people because their personal energetic frequencies are different – each person’s frequency hums its own tune. I recommend finding one or a few crystal sources that “feel” right to you and whose correspondences seem to work for your energy system – then stick with that. 

Crystal Books

A lot of people like the work of Judy Hall and her Crystal Bible or Melody and her Love is in the Earth series. My personal favorite is Simmon’s and his The Book of Stones.

Perhaps the best method for figuring out how a crystal will affect you is to try it out. Take your crystal and ask it how it will best work with you. Then pay attention to what comes to your senses. You may be surprised. 

You can also ask for a sign or guidance as to a source that will work for you – and then trust it. I have been using Simmon’s The Book of Stones for over a decade and I still refer to it every now and again.

Get Those Crystals Out

I encourage each and every one of you to explore this beautiful crystal filled world if you feel called to it. Who cares if it is now becoming “mainstream” and “popular”. Embrace the glittery goodness and enjoy these vibratory beauties! 

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