Manifestation and the law of attraction have become very popular in recent years. Many people promote the idea of creating vision boards and saying affirmations to attract the circumstances and energies that you want in your life. There is even talk of manifesting parking spots when you need them – I know I have done that!

But sometimes, no matter how many vision boards you create or affirmations you say, sometimes those desires just do not manifest. Those big life goals crumble and you just can’t seem to get that job or vacation you have been dreaming about.

This disappointment may lead some people to think that all this manifestation and law of attraction stuff is just bullsh*t. But, there may be another reason why these manifestation are failing.  

Below you will find three possible reasons why you are not manifesting what you desire

  1. Intent and Words Collide 

One very common reason that manifestations don’t work is that the intent is not in line with what you say you want. You may say you want a boyfriend, but internally, you may feel that you are not worthy of love – that internal intent is different from what your mind says you want. 

Before you can truly manifest, you need to dig deep and see if those inner longings are in line with what you think you want. Maybe you say you want that promotion and corner office, but internally you secretly desire to quit that mainstream career and pursue a profession in the healing arts. If this is the case, that promotion may never manifest – no matter how many times you visualize yourself putting your feet up on that mahogany desk with the skyline in the background.

So – first figure out if what you are trying to manifest is actually what your heart desires.

2. Timing is everything

One thing that really screws up manifestation is that element of time that we have to deal with in this earthly physical dimension. I know, time is really an illusion, in the grand scheme of things it does not exist…but….it kind of does in this dimension. And we need to factor it into our equations.

There may be an element of frustration in manifestation because it is not instant. A part of us may remember that in other dimensions, all you have to do is think of something and it will appear. Not so here. 

Here we live in a dense physical world where enough energy needs to coalesce before we can bring forth our desires. 

Think of energy as a drop of water. Our intent and thoughts create energy – create these drops of water – and they work to fill up a cup. Even though we are putting forth a great deal of energy, it is still going to take some time to get that water to the top of the cup. 

A lot of time people give up before they allow enough energy to gather and that cup of water to fill. They end up leaving half a cup of water on the table instead of just waiting for it to totally fill up.

So – don’t give up on your goals. If you really want something, keep at it. It may just take some time for it to appear.

3. Pre-life Planning

And then sometimes, no matter how much effort you put in, you just are not going to manifest what you desire. Sometimes you have created a pre-life plan that specifically denies that item or individual in your life – and there is usually a pretty good reason for this.

One example is if you want to learn the lessons of independence and self reliance. You may set up a life for yourself where you do not have many long term relationships because your desire is to not become dependent on any other person. It may happen that once you learn this lesson and realize your independence that a relationship comes to be – other times – it just may not be in the cards or stars for you.

So, basically, this option sucks. What you desire to manifest may just not be meant to be.

What have you manifested in your life recently? Do you have any tips or tricks you like to utilize in manifestation?


  1. I’ve recently connected with my spirit guides. After all the time and effort I’ve spent looking for my guide, he/she finally came to me when I’m least looking for him/her, and when I’m purely living in the present.
    Manifesting happened when I’m just being me.

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