For this month’s forecast, I just asked my guides for the general flavor. Just the energy of what we can expect in this coming month so that we can prepare and know what we are in for. 

As always, this reading is done with the intention that it is for those who read this blog. Take what you will and leave the rest.

The first image my guides sent along was of an individual riding bareback on a horse. She had no saddle and looked like she was just starting out on an early morning trail ride. There was the feeling of anticipation of what she would encounter and also a slight hesitation at the work that would be involved in staying on the horse and exploring. There was also a subtle crispness to the air.

This message is layered with symbolism. Some will be pertinent to certain people and others you will add your own interpretation. In general, this imagery means that in this coming month, we will make some forward progress in our lives, but this progress is not going to be without work. There may be some unexpected challenges that come up leaving us having to maneuver in different ways – such as riding without a saddle. The journey that we are on is still in the beginning phases, we haven’t hit the trail yet and the sun is just cresting the horizon. But there is still that excitement to be felt. Don’t let yourself get discouraged by the extra work involved – instead focus on what you feel at your core and go with that.

The next image that my guides sent along was of the sun just starting to rise above the horizon. The imagery was similar to the sun in Tarot cards – found in the background and not prominent, but telling you information all the same. This sun is reminding us again that we can see the possibility of what could be, but it hasn’t fully manifested yet. Now that you can see it – do you want it to manifest? Is this everything you thought it would be?

Then my guides sent me the image of a basketball being bounced on a court. This is a standard symbol and message from my guides. It says that this month you may find yourself going out into the world and gaining experiences that you can then take bake to yourself – your core. This would be a great month to try something new. Go for a hike on a new trail or take a class on something you have always wanted to learn. Find those new experiences that may not line up perfectly with your interests but that are close enough that you can learn something from them.

The final image my guides sent along for us this month was of a woman putting on some very bright red lipstick. This is a message to remember to go out and have some fun this month. Enjoy yourself. Don’t take life too seriously. Find a reason to get dressed up and go out on the town. Have a little fun!

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