About ten years ago, it seemed like everyone and their mother were doing blog posts and youtube videos showing what was inside their purse. I don’t know why – but I just LOVED these. And, since I don’t tend to be mainstream or go with the trends of the times – I think a decade after the height of popularity in this genre would be a great time to show you what is inside my bag.

First, the purse itself. I ordered this purse off amazon after a friend showed up with a maroon version for our coffee date. I loved how it zipped up for privacy – not everyone needs to see those metaphysical gems that I tote around with me. I also enjoyed that it can easily be slung across my back for ease of convenience – aka it doesn’t fall down when reaching into the backseat to buckle my daughter’s seatbelt. 

Now, let’s take a peak inside. I’ve got my keys – how nice is it now that cars have gotten smart enough to just sense when your keys are near so you don’t have to go scrounging around for them?! This is perhaps one of my favorite features of the car I got after my ten year old Subaru just needed too many repairs and I had to let it go..

Then, I also have my iPhone – this sucker is probably a few generations behind what is popular nowadays – but it works – so there is no reason to replace it now. I love having a wallet case – I’ve had one since I got the first generation iPhone and with each subsequent incarnation I’ve invested in a new wallet case. To be honest, if I didn’t have a kid that required me to drag around meds, I would likely not have a purse with me most of the time.

Speaking of that, I love the middle zipper pocket of this purse because I can zip away my daughter’s emergency seizure meds. Wherever she goes this guy needs to be nearby – just what it is like to live with someone who has epilepsy. 

There are also some pretty metaphysical items in this purse. I carry around a tin version of the Rider-Waite Smith deck. I like the coloring of the centennial edition, so these are the ones that are currently in my purse.

Inside this deck are two crystals – a piece of blue kyanite and a piece of lepidolite – I like to keep my cards with some good vibes around.  I also have a random small palm stone size of rose quartz floating around at the bottom of my purse. I love the vibration of rose quartz and I don’t remember how this piece ended up in here. I also like to give rose quartz out to people, so I kept this guy in here in case it calls out to anyone.

Being a symbolic psychic, I also like to have pen and paper with me in case I get any impressions or messages that I like to write down. Although, with phones nowadays, I find myself sending emails to remind me of these impressions more than actually writing them down. Although, this little notebook has come in handy while waiting in doctors offices for some scribbling distractions and I also took advantage of it during a past and future life regression which I did with my awesome book club.

In an inside pocket I also have a half-used container of tissues and some individually wrapped wet wipes. These are super handy for anyone with kids – somehow hands always get super messy after every meal out and napkins are not always enough to tackle those sticky fingers. 

I also have a stack of random cards in my purse. There are a handful of my business cards, in case anyone I meet needs a good intuitive consultant. I also have some cards I have collected in my journeys – from other local indie authors and artists around town. Then the random gift cards that I tend to forget about.

And…there you have it! What is in my purse. These items definitely call me out as a metaphysical momma. 

Let me know below what unusual items are in your purse! What item calls you out as a metaphysician?? 


    1. Ah, yes, there always needs to be reading material! I usually keep mine in my car and then have a book or two available on my phone so I don’t have to lug around anything too heavy!


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