Recently I have seen a lot of wildlife in our suburban yard. There is the family of Robins that made a nest in our tree, right at eye level – there was the turtle that ambled onto our sidewalk – the groundhog family that lives underneath – the snail by the flowers. 

I live in a world where nothing happens just by chance – that synchronicity means something and where signs are found everywhere. What this means is that each time one of these animals find there way into my yard – I take notice. I think of what that animal means to me at this time in my life. I receive a message. 

You can do this too. All you have to do is take notice. To pause in your busy life and see what animals you find in your path throughout the day. 

Now, the secret to this procedure is to recognize which animals are different, those that are out of the ordinary. If you always see crows on the side of the road, those crows are not necessarily going to be sending you a message (although they could be and you just aren’t getting it so they stay there). Instead, it is the snake that finds its way in front of you or the hill of ants that are taking up residence next to your building – things that make you stop and think – these are the animals that are sending you a message. 

So, what do you do when you see these creatures? How do you know what message they have for you? Well, that is as simple as looking in your own mental database to see what this animal means to you. Look at what personal associations you have with the animal that comes to the surface when you see it.

Also, take a look at the characteristics and behaviors of the animal. This is how you generally find out what the animal’s symbolism means. Robins are found in spring so they are usually a sign of new opportunities. Snails move very slowly so they are a sign to move slowly throughout your life. This is an easy-peasy way to figure out what the animal is trying to tell you.

Now, if you would like a little help to figure out what animal is guiding you right now, I always have an Animal Guide Reading available in my Etsy shop where I not only channel your specific animal guide that is currently working with you, but also what that animal personally means for your energetic frequency and how to connect with it. 

What animals are around you right now? What messages are they sending you?


  1. This post made me realize the definite LACK of animals around me lately. The neighborhood cat hasn’t been in the yard lately and I haven’t had any doves hanging out in the patio like usual. I wasn’t conscious of it until now and now I’m wondering how best to lure them back. Perhaps their absence is a message that I’m not as nature connected as I need to be right now.

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    1. That is very interesting! I would interpret as you said – a need to connect to nature and the animal world. Now I’m going to try to be more conscious when animals aren’t around as well!!


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