Creating a spell is a lot like coming up with a new recipe for your next get together. You simply add together certain ingredients and poof – out pops magic!

Now, that may sound pretty simplified, but, in reality, a spell can be boiled down to two “ingredients”.

Intent + Vibration = Spell

What am I talking about here, let’s break this baby down.


First of all, you need a solid intent – that means what you want the spell to accomplish. You can’t be wishy washy here – you need to figure out what exactly it is you are asking for. The universe isn’t going to deliver if you don’t put in your order.

A common way to figure out and establish your intent is to come up with a fun saying – that little rhyme that witches say to cast their spell out into the universe. This rhyme is really just their intent in written form – stated in a way that is clear and known.


Now, in my understanding of the universe – really all you need to manifest is intent + emotions, however, us witches like to add a little “oomph” out into the universe, and we do this with vibrations. 

What spell is complete without some herbs or crystals thrown in, am I right?! Have you ever wondered why witches use all these different ingredients in a spell? The answer is vibrations.

By adding different layers of vibrations on top of each other, you can attract or repeal whatever it is that you want. Each item – each crystal, herb, oil, color, candle – has its own vibration. A spell is merely those vibrations put together to add energy to the desire. 


I am going to add another ingredient to our recipe here that is sort of obvious, but it is oh so easy to not do – and that is release the spell. Once a spell is concocted, you need to send it out into the atmosphere. If you hold onto the energy of the spell, worrying about whether or not it is going to work, tweaking your intention to add different contingencies…then that spell is not going to work.

Release and believe that the spell is going to work – then it can do its job.

What are your favorite ingredients to add to a spell? Let me know in the comments!

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