Have you guys caught an episode of The InBetween yet? This is NBC’s new series for the summer that follows a detective who has an adult daughter, Cassie, who can see and interact with spirits. It is kind of like a cross between Law and Order and the Ghost Whisperer, only the ghost seeing daughter doesn’t have the main storyline. 

So far, I have really enjoyed this show – although I tend to enjoy anything that delves into the spirit realm. This show has brought up some common psychic issues that it is nice to see displayed on a major tv network.

One aspect that I have really enjoyed is that when the daughter receives psychic information it is usually symbolic images that she and her father have to decipher. A lot of the time they only realize what the images mean after the fact and the psychic information more confirms what they have learned than tell them anything new. This is so much of what psychic information is like that I love that it is being shown to the masses. I have stated previously that I refer to myself as a Symbolic Psychic and I receive images that need to be deciphered more often than straight communication. This is how most psychics and mediums work, so it is great seeing this skill portrayed this way – even if it seems fantastical. 

Another interesting aspect of this show that has me thinking and considering what is going on revolves around the ethics of mediumship. Cassie, the one who can see ghosts, does not always tell the person she is interacting with what the spirit wants her to say. Sometimes she lies to get the outcome she wants. Cassie is not the wholesome character that Melinda Gordon from the Ghost Whisperer was. Instead she is flawed and sometimes makes the wrong decision. 

Cassie also does not always tell the person she is talking to that she can see spirits. She actively tries to avoid telling them this and instead just works with the information the spirit gives her. It is only on the rare occasion that she actually admits that she sees the spirit of the loved one and then there isn’t any back and forth of talking with the loved one. 

This show also touches on some of the scarier and darker realities of the spirit world. Not horror quality but more real life energy exchanges and energetic imprints. I am really interested to see how some of these play out throughout the rest of the season, especially the energy attachments or “hauntings” that she experiences. 

So, overall, I really enjoy this show. It is not one that I would binge-watch all the episodes in one sitting for, but a weekly episode is nice and has me looking forward to seeing it show up on my Hulu account (I’ve been trying out Hulu so I can catch up on Veronica Mars – any other marshmallows out there?)

Have you guys seen this show? What do you think? Are you going to try out an episode or two and see?


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