This month, I am being instructed to give a general overview of the month in broad brushstrokes instead of the category by category Seven Cups Forecast that we generally do around here. So, I will follow spirits advice – let’s go!

The first image I am seeing is the sight of a sailboat out on water. I can’t tell if this is ocean or a lake. Suddenly the wind changes direction and the sailboat changes its course in response. This month the “wind” and energy starts shifting and changes direction as well. We see that the trajectory our life was headed down for the last few months is coming to an end or a pivot point. We are given the option of changing with the wind or fighting against it and continuing on the path we were previously on. The option is up to you on what to do. Let the breeze direct you on a different path that will be easier to flow towards, but that you aren’t sure what lays ahead. Or continue on the same path, a path that is comfortable and familiar, but that you now have to work against the wind and energetic flow to stay on.

Next, my guides showed me the image of a basketball bouncing. This is our common symbolic language for going out and experiencing something new and then bringing that newness back to your core. This month would be the perfect time to take a class that you have been interested in or read a book that is on a topic you don’t know much about. Take the knowledge that you have accumulated from this new venture and incorporate it into your personal philosophy and life’s work.

My guides are showing me an interesting image next. This is of someone with a glass or mechanical eyeball. They are adjusting that eyeball so that it can see from a different perspective. This month we may find ourselves in a new or different situation that asks us to view the world and our life or a certain situation from a different perspective. This alternative perspective will help us understand something on a different and deeper level. 

I asked my guides if there are any last messages for this month. They showed me us flying high and the horizon in sight. The feeling was of flatness and levelness. It is a message that if we “go with the flow” we will have a stable month overall. If we don’t fight the currents and just go where “the wind” takes us, then this month should be “smooth sailing”.

Have a great month! Make it great!

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