This past week I devoured The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece by Three Initiates. I read this short text quickly, not only because book club is tomorrow and I needed to finish it, but also because it resonated with me on a high level.

This book states that it covers the seven Hermetic Principles, ancient truths that are the center of many occult teachings. I did a little research – which means I looked at the wikipedia page – and it seems there is some controversy surrounding who the Three Initiates actually were and where the knowledge came from. But, whatever the source, I found that this information felt very familiar and was easy to absorb as it was already assimilated into my way of thinking. 

The seven principles this book covers includes: 

The Principle of Mentalism

The Principle of Correspondence

The Principle of Vibration

The Principle of Polarity

The Principle of Rhythm

The Principle of Cause and Effect

The Principle of Gender

You can get a flavor of what all these are just by looking at the wikipedia page, but they form the basis of many modern occult philosophies and sects of witchcraft. 

In general, I really enjoyed this book, not because it provided new information, but because it related these concepts that form the basis of my belief system, in a systematic way and explained in a manner that a logical rational mind (not saying that is me) can comprehend. I found that I started using the phrasing and examples of this book in explaining metaphysical concepts to my very left-brain thinking husband. 

This book also had me thinking if the original source had/has any relation to the entity calling itself Ra whose Law of One books I enjoyed earlier this year. Both claim to stem from ancient Egypt and it seems they have a lot in common with each other. 

One thing I am certain of from my readings this year, it seems there was a lot of extra-dimensional activity back in ancient Egypt that left an impact on a culture which has been past down throughout the generations and is still relevant today.

So, would I recommend this book? A strong yes. It is short (my copy is 105 pages) and can be read either in small chunks or all in one sitting. For those familiar with occult teachings, most of this information will just be review, but succinct and easily digestible. For those not familiar, this will provide a good background and basis to start from.

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