I thought it is about time to let you in on some witchy facts about me and my pagan ways. If you would like to know 10 facts about me, read on!

  1. I don’t like Harry Potter. I did not read the series when it originally came out, instead saving it for when I was in my mid-20s as a practicing lawyer. I read the series under my desk at work (I was never cut out to be an attorney) and I got frustrated with Harry about halfway through every book. I thought he was a whinny kid that needed to get his act together. After finishing, I thought the last book redeemed the whole series for me.
  2. I preformed my first spell the day before I started high school. It was a spell to charm a necklace with a picture of my favorite cat in it. I used this to usher me into a new school where a lot of the students had been together since they were little. I asked that the talisman help me to find friends. It worked like a charm.
  3. I don’t like herb craft. I’ve never had an interest in plants and my foray into witchcraft hasn’t changed this. I keep a couple of house plants, but that is about all. I barely even take care of the weeds in my front yard – and actually have a difficult time pulling them – I feel bad!
  4. I consider myself a hedgewitch—jumping the “hedge” between this world and the other. I communicate with spirits on a daily basis and consider some my best friends.
  5. I have an alter-ego as a suburban housewife. I don’t let everyone know about my mystic life. Some people just aren’t ready to accept my idea of reality and that is okay. I follow the universal flow of energy and let it guide me when to let others in on my “secret” identity.
  6. I don’t celebrate every Sabbat. I’ve written previously about my ideas of celebration and believe that the Sabbats should be changed to reflect our own unique perspectives and life situations. Adding local cultural influences also helps to connect with your current location rather than celebrating based off European cultures and weather patterns.
  7. Halloween is not my favorite holiday. For the last few years I just wear my “Witch Life” shirt from The Spirit Den and call it a day. Instead, I prefer Christmas because it’s abundance of the love vibration. My favorite Sabbat is Imbolc—I like the symbolism of the light returning from a time of darkness.
  8. I have used necklaces as protective talismans since I was a kid. At the time I didn’t know that was what they were for, but I would wear the same necklace everyday since that felt “right”. I continue this habit today. My current talisman is an image I saw when I woke up in the middle of the night a few years ago. I had a red image of a crest in my eyesight (not my mind’s eye) and it stayed there when I opened my eyes. Later I found the same crest on a necklace on Etsy. I snatched it up and wear it everyday.
  9. I do not have one witch’s familiar, instead I have nine. Eight are in spirit form and one is currently living. They are the spirits of my past cats and dog (one dog is still living). I felt the first fall in line behind me before I really understood spirit communication. When my last cat crossed over, the spirits of my pets “clicked” into a semi-circle behind me with an open energetic hole “waiting” to be filled by my last dog. These spirits help with energetic protection and spirit communication. They have “upped” my psychic game since they fell into place.
  10. I do not like belonging to a coven. I have tried a few out over the years and none of them felt right for me or my practice. My beliefs and ideas are not necessarily mainstream and don’t always mesh with other witches, so I find a solitary practice to be the best for me right now. 

What about you? Let me know about some witchy facts that are personal to you in the comments. Do you conform to the traditional image of a witch?


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