This week I wanted to review this fun niche book — The Little Book of Self-Care for Leo: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore – According to the Stars. My birthday was last week which puts me squarely into the Leo camp, so I thought I’d like to see what this book recommends for me and my fellow Leos – but, of course, this book is available for every sun sign if you aren’t a super cool Leo like me.

The books starts off with some basics of astrology that anyone new to the field would find helpful. It explains the difference between the elements and qualities of the signs and tells why self-care is so important, especially in our modern society. The first thirty pages of this book are all background information that is a great quick resource for individuals that do not have any background in astrology, but is just basic for those familiar with the field.

After this introductory information, this book gets into the meat of what it is all about. Page after page of different ideas you can use to pamper yourself, all specific to your sun sign. There is everything from recommendations to “Stand Tall” since the Leo is associated with the spine to “Enjoy a Sunrise Tequila” with a recipe for an alcoholic beverage.

Overall, I thought this was a fun little book and would be a great gift for an individual who has even a mild interest in astrology (aka they know their sun sign). I did not strongly relate to all the ideas – those who know me would quickly realize that I am not the type to indulge in a tequila sunrise or “celebrate everything with champaign” (chocolate maybe) – I did enjoy some of the recommendations like “meditate on the color green” and “have a solo dance party”.

I think that the only thing this book suffers from is the same thing that most of Sun Sign astrology has issues with – not everyone relates to their sun sign. Personally, I am ruled more by my moon in Aquarius as I was born at night and my ascendant is in Cancer (Cancer is ruled by the moon). My sun is prominent in Leo, but it does not have control of my natal chart like my Moon does. This book does address this issues with a quick section called “a word about sun signs” where it states that if you have a lot of planets in a different sign, that other sign likely describes you better. 

But, this is the issue with all of sun sign astrology and mass market astrology in general. True astrology is just so personal and individual that it is difficult to describe all of a class of people by just one sign. Someone with their Sun in Leo in their 10th house is going to be very different than someone with their Sun in Leo in their 12th House conjunct Saturn (if you want to know about your natal chart, I have several Astrology Readings available in my Etsy store). To truly describe ideal astrological self-care techniques would require a personal look and analysis of everyone’s individual natal chart – something that can be done on a one on one basis, not marketed in book form to the masses.

As for this book, I would definitely look to buy this for a friend’s birthday. It makes a fun novelty item that could easily be paired with a crystal or a nice essential oil – maybe even specific items from the book’s self-care ideas. Now, that would make a great birthday gift!

*** This book was given to me by Adam’s Media for an honest review. All opinions and random facts are my own and were not influenced by this totally awesome publisher who also happens to publish a super cool book on tarot that is out now called The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need ***

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