The guides suggested a weekly forecast for this month, so that is what you get! Below is your week by week psychic forecast set with the intention that it applies to all that read this forecast. 

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September 1 – 7

Asking my guides what the energy of September will bring for us collectively, they showed me the image of storm clouds. Then a lightening bolt erupts and the rain starts to pour. It looks like the first week of September may be a difficult and emotional week for some of us. A sudden and unexpected occurrence will strike through us like a lightening bolt which will then allow us to release all the emotions we have been holding back and holding onto. Let those emotions flow – don’t feel you need to hold back. This is a week to release and let go – especially in terms of emotions. 

September 8 – 14

This week, we have a single red rose blooming in a field. It seems the releases of last week brought about some growth this week. It won’t be major growth, just a subtle, internal growth that is aloud to blossom in our reality. Look for roses this week as a sign from beyond – a sign that you are headed in the right direction.

September 15 – 21

This week, we have a gun going off in our face. We are caught – there is no way out of it. You may feel yourself being faced with decisions you have made in the past. Perhaps you kept a secret from a friend – perhaps you took one too many long lunch breaks at work – something you did is going to come back to bite you in the bootie this week. Face up to it. It isn’t as bad as you think – it is only a flesh wound. 

September 22 – 30

This final week of September we have a bell ringing signaling that it is time to go to church. It is time to listen to the advice and information that is around you. Look at the coincidence and synchronicity in your life. Is it more than just that? Is someone trying to get information through to you – to make sure you understand? Pay attention this week – the message is right in front of you. 

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